Good Morning America, Wie Gehts Ihr?

“Awww, that’s sweet.” 

That was my reaction to the DTH’s Open Arms, Open Minds article regarding the La Fiesta del Pueblo thingy (a collage of online Spanish-English dictionaries are telling me the phrase stands for  “party oil gauge people” or something). 

No, but seriously, using my stupid white-male mind even I can estimate that the La party-o phrase stands for “Party of the People,” or “for the people” whatever the case may be.  How disturbing is that?

Well, you see, “Obviously, this gives the Americans a better point of view of who Hispanics are.”  That according to Marcia, a Hispanic advocate. 

I was unaware that there were un-American American Hispanics.  WAIT!  Is she saying they’re — gasp! — illegal?  Could the use of the term “immigrant” in this ridiculous article have a double meaning?

I am sick of “advocates” offering thinly veiled threats to “the Americans” regarding acceptance of the illegal immigration issue . . . or else.  And, since the rest of the delusional population of Chapel Hill likes to play the game, let me suggest that these threats about getting a “better point of view” are bigoted if not racist.  It is absurd to have a fiesta focused on a “people” or a race in this republic if you are even pretending to be a valuable member of American society. 

We are all, or should all, be Americans.  Let our common heritage join us together in our future endeavors.  When we have “advocates” and, indeed, entire special interest groups, focused on “creating a community” within a community (especially when membership in the community requires certain inherent traits) it does nothing but cause division amongst Americans. 

Besides, why should the DTH or any of the organizers of La Fiesta act as if there are only two languages?  Whatever happened to diversity?  I happen to like German besser als.

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