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Yesterday as I went out to get a copy of the DTH I wondered why it seemed so much larger than usual.  In fact it was covered by a mock magazine created to inform people about how racist the YWC is.  It had The Daily Tar Heel’s header and had an added “SPECIAL ANTI-RACIST ISSUE.”

I realized that who ever did this was pretty clever.  It must have taken a long time.  But just as with the intimidating posters of last year, no one has taken credit for writing it.  And it is intimidating.

There is a columnist who appears to be a ninja talking about confronting racists violently, for example.  Whoever wrote it says, “So let us be clear on at least one point: white supremacy is not an ‘idea’ that can be peaceably debated in a bubble on campus.”  Ummm.

If I were a YWC member (and I am not) I would take that as a threat.  Whoever is writing this literature they litter about campus should take credit if they want anyone to pay them any mind.  Right now they look more ridiculous to the public than YWC mostly because here at UNC, YWC has done nothing to deserve any of this.

Now, CRdaily has made no bones about the fact that we have qualms with the national organization.  But, these attacks and unnecessary limitations forced upon a student organization approved by the university are silly and childish.

These leaflets and posters only allow YWC locally and as a national organization play the victim because they are the victim.  That only increases public interest and outcry at its treatment.  And, that only increases its revenue.

So, if these mysterious authors desire to debate racism with the YWC, why not set up a sane meeting amongst peers as was facilitated by the Campus Y last year?   That would be productive.

3 thoughts on “Get Over YWC

  1. Riley Matheson Reply

    As former president of YWC-UNC, I can honestly say that I would never feel threatened by these people. If they want to use violence against us, they had better come prepared, because most YWC members are pretty badass. If I make a trip back to UNC, I’ll make my visit well known, and if there’s some leftist who wants to use violence against me, he’ll have ample opportunity.

  2. Good Old American Boy Reply

    Are you kidding? Why did you delete my comments? So much for freedom of speech!!

  3. njr Reply

    For the most part, we just shrug off all the “threats” that have been made towards YWC. I mean, we’re talking about people who attack YWC without taking any credit for things like the posters, and this publication. And, as you point out, YWC has everything to gain, and nothing to lose with these spineless publications.

    Why should we worry about the likes of these wimps? Much like Riley, I say bring it.

    To be honest, I would hardly call that little group therapy session that Campus Y sponsored , “productive”.

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