DTH Craziness

I honestly appreciate that the DTH exists.  I certainly enjoy the fact that it stays fairly updated over the summer.  But I have little hope for next year’s editorial board if they keep up the incoherent work that the summer staff is publishing.   I give you their June 25th Be Helpful GOP editorial.   For example, what in tarnation does the opening line mean?  It reads: “A note to the Republican Party of North Carolina: Cool your jets.”  What a pointless, shallow, cliche slap on the wrist.

The DTH editorial goes on to basically reprimand the Republicans for complaining that every single amendment they suggested be added to the budget was defeated by the Democratic majority.  The Republicans should act like a “respectable minority” and follow (the apparantly made up) “American tradition of compromise” and just vote for raising taxes.

The NC Republicans certainly have had a lot of practice being the minority in the General Assembly.  Over a century to be precise.  Needless to say, the DTH at-a-boy admonition to “Be honorable about being the minority. People will notice if Democrats ignore the effort” is hilarious.  But, alas!  the DTH understands; “Being the minority party in a two-party system doesn’t offer much hope.”

I tell you, reading the DTH editorial page over the summer brings back fond memories of last year.  Memories of walking outside, going to get a Chick-Fil-a chicken bisquit, and grabbing a crisp DTH (one mind you, all others are 25 cents; don’t believe me? just read page 2 of any DTH) and then reading the editorial page for a good laugh.  Perhaps the DTH is just a really, really good satirical publication.

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