Jasmin Jones: Radically Predictable

What a disservice it would be for CRdaily not to look ahead to next school year during this summer vacation.  In light of that realization I would like to announce that CRdaily will henceforth be a source of news regarding the current Jasmin Jones administration and their up-coming plans for UNC when updates are warranted.

Up until now, most students have only seen her in action for a couple of months during the last days of last year.  That time was taken up with organization of her cabinet and the appointment of all of her external appointments.  But, in the midst of all that there was a bit of excitement.

In a surprising turn of events, there came a test of her leadership abilities when SDS and others protested YWC’s Tom Tancredo event; Jasmin’s handling of the protest aftermath gave possible light into what we might expect for next year.

Jasmin in no substantial way publicly condemned SDS or even the protesters, preferring to call the fiasco a problem of “miscommunication.”  In reality it wasn’t a miscommunication, but rather an organized suppression of free speech.  Also, the free speech rally that she was involved with organizing gave a platform to the leader of the feminist organization involved with the obnoxious protest, thus legitimizing her actions.  Also, the leader of YWC, Riley Matheson, was not invited.   In other words, the person who was victimized was not given a voice, but the criminal was (thankfully, Riley happened by and was allowed a short speech).  As the executive, Jasmin had the responsibility to invite Riley; it was a ridiculous oversight.  (On a side note Anthony Dent wrote a differing, positive opinion on the rally here).

Basically, Jasmin offered moral relativism (i.e. SDS and the other protesters are just as legitimate as any other student organization) when a decisive condemnation was needed.  In fact, her desire not to be seen as anti-SDS weirded me out and is illustrated in the fifth DTH photo of that week.  Jasmin should realize that SDS is no stranger to harassment or illegal actions and, by every single action they have taken since the YWC event, have proven that they do not desire to change their ways.  On the contrary, they obviously desire to up their presence.

Another impression of the leader that Jasmin will be can be had by reading her election platform.  A look at Jasmin’s platform left me with the impression that she puts much importance on many silly issues not pertinent to her position.  Among them, diversity, womens’ rights, and LBGTQ issues.  I will highlight the most concerning below:

Jasmin wants to put into motion an unbelievably stupid “Orange Band Project” in which ” The orange band has a special meaning to each individual student. Students are encouraged to ask one another ‘what does your orange band mean to you?’ This will create healthy, diverse dialogue between students on campus.”

Jasmin wants to literally “promote gay rights” from her office and inform students  “about the progress and the struggles of the fight for gay rights in America.”  I assume this includes the most important of all fronts in the culture war, the marriage front.  Thus, we have yet another endorsement of the “queer” community’s perversive activity and another ostrasizement of the religious/conservative community.

Lastly, I was unaware that the bazillion women at Carolina were underserved.  It seems that every other UNC event involves the worship of their genitalia.  There is also a Women’s Center and the university spent thousands (millions?) of dollars erasing from their materials the blot of the sexist term “freshman.”  Nevertheless, Jasmin wants to ” be more proactive to the immediate concerns of women on campus.”

As president-elect Jasmin offered another nugget of her vision for UNC at the Scholar’s Latino Initiative Benefit Dinner when she said, “The Latino population is getting larger in North Carolina, and UNC-CH and universities statewide should reflect that presence.”  Whatever that means.

Jasmin also stood in favor of the student fee increase to pay for socialized childcare this past year (oh what dreadful memories of that ordeal I hold).  I know because she was kind enough to discuss the issue with me as I stood for hours holding a “vote no” sign by Lenoir.  Her position and reasoning does not make me very optimistic about her opinion regarding future increases.

In conclusion, Jasmin seems to be all too a predictable “liberal.”  And, to be clear, I am not meaning it in the stupid “partisan” manner that student government is often discussed.  I mean, if I were to think of a titular (see you should listen to Rush Limbaugh, you will increase your vocabulary) head of UNC’s student body, Jasmin Jones embodies it.  So, perhaps, she should be our president.

9 thoughts on “Jasmin Jones: Radically Predictable

  1. Nemesis Reply

    Good piece of writing here Justin. I can’t say that i agree with all of your views here (Actually I agree with most of them, just not every one) but I can say that this is a definite step forward in your journalistic endeavors. Keep up the quality and CR might just actually establish itself on campus as something other than a low-rent conservative rag, which, sad to say, is how the whole of campus seems to feel currently.

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    I am intrigued by your use of the phrase “low-rent conservative rag”. . .what do you mean by that. Thanks for reading!

  3. jose Reply

    He means that he will feel that Carolina Review is a “low-rent rag” until you begin to espouse leftism.

  4. JeyB Reply

    Hey there! I don’t have too much time to correct the overwhelming errors and assumptions this article has to offer but just make sure you spell Jasmin’s name correctly (no “e”). Keep up the mediocre reporting!

  5. jlcrowde Reply

    I thought I had spelled it with no “e”. . .but when you have time please correct all of my errors. Thanks.

  6. Johnny Q Reply

    There is no sense in arguing against all your points; you can’t argue with stupid people. You make brash assumptions for some kind of “shock value,” but you come across as homophobic, xenophobic, and simple-minded to anyone who doesn’t subscribe to a right-wing ideology.

    You are mind-numbingly ignorant. And I mean that in the sweetest way.

  7. njr Reply

    I’m sorry, Johnny, but I just don’t see the “brash assumptions”. The tone of this piece seemed to be about the impression that Justin has gotten from the actions of Jasmin. He also provides quotes to back up most of what he is deducing, so where are the assumptions?

    You liberals love to use the term “homophobic” and I think it is hilarious. It is you, sir, who make the assumption that because we don’t support the gay agenda that we either “fear” gays, or just hate them. The same can be said about your claim of xenophobia, though, where you come up with that is simply stunning.

    It seems that any time we mention the word “gay” or “Latino” and don’t shower it with praise, we are labeled as homophobic and xenophobic, without any real evidence. Hey wait a sec! We’ve never heard this before! It’s not like liberals were screaming “Sexist, racist, anti-gay, right wing bigots, go away” at the Tancredo event.

    To be honest, Johnny, I expected more out of you than the typical mud slinging tactic used by the brainwashed masses at UNC.

  8. jlcrowde Reply

    @ johnny Q: I am at a loss to understand what I wrote that was erroneous. I understand that my writing style can be brazen at times but I assure you that I toned it down for this article because I feared people would take my points as being against Jasmin personally. I have meet her and she seems very kind.

    But, if you have time maybe you could comment once more to back up all of your sweet insults although I agree if you think me stupid, or foolish is what you truly mean, then you should not.

  9. Riley Matheson Reply

    Justin, you’re a good guy. What you undoubtedly already know is that Leftists are some of the most closed-minded people the human species has ever had the misfortune of spawning. They don’t want to argue against your points (hence, JeyB’s comment: “I don’t have too much time to correct the overwhelming errors and assumptions this article has to offer”). They don’t want to engage in Socratic dialogue. They don’t want to listen to what you have to say. They simply want you silenced. (“No dialogue with hate”–remember?) Of course, they can’t silence crdaily.com, so, instead, they make comments like, “You’re just wrong,” or “There are so many errors that I don’t have time to correct them,” etc. Although Chris Jones has a good point that we shouldn’t blindly choose sides, I still think that, to an extent, we have to do this. We have to realize that there are certain people who can’t be reasoned with. And these people are leftists. Self-identifying conservatives, regardless of how left-leaning they may actually be, are much more open to dialogue with opinions with which they disagree. Self-identifying liberals are simply not open to dialogue.

    Jasmin Jones (hmm, my spellchecker is telling me her name SHOULD be spelt “Jasmine”) is truly a joke, and if she’s the best our University can produce for a student-body president, then we’re even worse than I thought.

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