Annoying Protesters

The protesters arrested for disrupting the peace at two seperate events put on by the Youth for Western Civilization have refused to accept deals from the assistant district attorney’s office as detailed in this DTH article.  In the case of the one student arrested, Haley Koch, it is in order that she may continue discussion regarding the alleged police brutality and racism.

Apparently there was a rally (yes, another one) at which protestors cried about the same things they cried about during the school year.  I tell you what, these people are entertaining.  Annoying, but entertaining.  And it is the same people, it’s hilarious.  Each picture in the DTH of the protesters for every protest I have ever heard of happening by Chapel Hill students (be it the Iraq war protests, worker’s rights protests, budget cut protests, or the YWC protests) include the same mugs.

I went to one of their “rallies” (not to be confused with a protest) the first week of exams.  I was walking by the Chancellor’s Building and heard whinning.  I stopped and listened, and what I heard was absurd.  They imagined police brutality just as they imagined the racism of Tom Tancredo.

They act as if their actions were not caught on tape, seen by thousands of people around the country, or talked about on blogs such as this one.  Everyone but them understand that their actions were out of line and warranted what little consequences they brought (except student congress who didn’t even condemn them as written about here and here).

I often joke about how the populus of Chapel Hill are insane.  But I hope that they soundly reject these protesters who are still calling to silence others.  They don’t want a debate.  They literally want an official policy that keeps people they disagree with from having an opportunity to speak.  Haley and crew want a “hate crimes” policy, infering that YWC, under the policy, would not be able to hold meetings on campus.

Guess what?  If there ever were a “hate crime” policy at UNC (and deliberations are under way) then Haley and SDS and whoever the other 6 protesters arrested are, should be the first group disbanded.

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  1. Considering that a whopping 35 people showed up at the rally to support Ms. Koch, I don’t think there’s much to worry about in re: public support of the disruptions.

  2. I am sorry if it did somehow. I have no record of it on the admin page. If you have time, please reply once more. I offer you my protection and this summon to all of the other yokefellows invested with the power to delete your post: * is hereby given a mark and whosoever deleteth his comments, vengeance shall be taken on him sevenfold!

  3. Occasionally this board has issues with long comments. Try breaking it up into multiple small posts.

  4. I have just been informed that there was good reason to delete your post, *. . .so, keep it clean.

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