Lamb of a Job

Our friends over at NC State are in quite a swirl of controversy.  To sum it all up, Mary had little lamb of a job.  Mary Easley, of First-Lady fame, is a mix between a professor and a speaker-bringer-organizer-person at NC State; the only one of her kind.  NC State created the position for her while her husband was governor.

But why the controversy?  Well it seems while everyone was hyperventilating over budget cuts, Mrs. Easley took an 88% pay raise last year, and people are not happy.  Among the unhappy people are apparantly the entire staff / big shots at State, Erskin Bowles himself, and every single Republican alive in North Carolina.  Each have explicitly called for her resignation.  But, today Easley bah-hahed them all and stated (by way of lawyer-ventriliquisim) that she wasn’t going to resign but rather that she was going to continue to do an outstanding job.

As it turns out, she signed a five year, $ 850, 000 contract.  That figures to $170, 000 dollars a year.   I did a little research and found out that that amounts to $60, 000 more than the average NC State professor receives.

UNC CH is home to a very highly paid faculty, and Easley’s salary is still a good $30, 000 more than your favorite, average professor.  Heck, she’s making $20,000 more than the average Duke professor.  If one were judging by her salary he would have to guess that she was employed at a Harvard or a Stanford, not a State.

But of course she isn’t just a professor, she is also a speaker-bringer-organizer-person.  That makes all the difference in the world, you see.

To be honest, I don’t know if I blame her for not retiring.  I see the whole thing as State’s problem.  They signed the contract and the proper committes and boards approved it.  I am nearly certain that her position and salary are due to some political back-room going-ons, but, se la vie.

Mary Easley is currently being investigated by a federal grand jury regarding the matter.  This at the same time her husband is being investigated by the FBI for shady dealings regarding his travels (the official 2005 travel records for the Governor have disappeared).

What I want to know is why does everything have to be an ordeal around here?  I don’t know, but it sure makes for interesting blog fodder.

5 thoughts on “Lamb of a Job

  1. cwjones Reply

    What is your source that UNC is third in the nation in highest paid professors? That’s not what faculty are telling me.

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    That article states, “Faculty salaries at Triangle institutions of higher learning are skyrocketing, with Duke University continuing to lead the way locally and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ranking among the top three public schools in the country.”

    I took that to mean the UNC had the third highest average of all public schools in the nation.

  3. cwjones Reply

    That survey seems to be missing some major schools, like all state Universities in California as well as the University of Virginia.

  4. jlcrowde Reply

    I am sorry, but the Triangle Business Journal seems to be a legitimate source. The DTH article you link to was from 2006, salaries have increased since then.

    “UNC now ranks third for average full professor pay in the nation behind the University of Maryland at Baltimore and the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Right behind UNC on the list are the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and the Georgia Institute of Technology. The University of California System, which usually has several campuses ranked in the top tier for pay, did not participate in the AAUP survey this year.”

    Anyway, I took out the ranked third sentence just in case. . .

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