Smoking Nazis

The General Assembly (GA) here in the largest tobacco growing state has banned smoking in all resturaunts and bars.  Brilliant!  The bill’s primary sponsor, Hugh Holliman, was a bit upset however, because the bill was modified to not include every single workplace (what of people who work at home?) in North Carolina. 

There are a couple of exceptions that the GA so kindly  bestowed upon us stupid citizenry.  The ban, to begin to take place in 2010 pending Governor Beverly Perdue’s signiture, exempts cigar bars (why in tarantion?) and private clubs that require membership above age 18.  But, does anyone really believe that the Smoking Nazis will be satisfied with that?  If you have a brain stem attached you do not.

You see, there are too many questions involved that are cigarette-smoke gray, not black and white.  For example, what will happen when a cigar bar’s or a private club’s smoke starts wafting next door to Applebees?  And what about the workplaces that Representative Holliman is so anxious to get to regulating?  What’s next?   The home? After all, some people work at home and children do live at home not just in resturaunts and bars.

All you Smoking Nazis out there who are happy about the ban merely because you don’t like to smell cigarette smoke are confusing the issue.  The issue is that the Government is telling small-business owners how to run their business.  Last time I checked the government hadn’t put everything on the line, money, a house, future security, in order to serve you a hamburger.  But, the resturaunt owners have and they have a right to allow smoking or not allow smoking.  If you don’t like it, don’t go.

Everyone for this ban is a cry baby who wants to control the lives of others with such an intensity that it scares the tar out of me.  If all of you saints out there who don’t smoke (I don’t smoke by the way) were having to forfeit your right to eat fattening meals, or to drink soda, to have pre-marital sex, or alcohol, you would be crying me a river. 

I happen to be allergic to cigarette smoke.  I don’t cry about it.  I avoid it like any other big boy or girl.  If there is something about a resturaunt or other establishment that I don’t like, I simply don’t go.  Some of you feminists find Hooters offensive?  I find it offensive and so I don’t go to Hooters.  But, I don’t get big-daddy government to ban breasts because I am not a loser who sics a government with a monopoly on force on the minority simply because I don’t like them.

6 thoughts on “Smoking Nazis

  1. Domenic Powell Reply

    It’s for workers in places where people like to smoke. I’d hate to learn I got cancer from some of the shitty bars where I’ve waited tables, but that’s the risk I took and the one many others are forced to take for not having a trade or a college degree. The “club” thing is easy to do; Local506, the Library, East End, and Reservoir in Chapel Hill are all private “clubs” so that they can serve alcohol without serving food. You can sign up for membership or buy it in the case of Res at the door. It’s not a huge inconvenience for the business and protects the employees from being subjected to hours of second-hand smoke.

  2. Domenic Powell Reply

    At 506, you can become a member at the door for two dollars. You only have to pay it once.

  3. jlcrowde Reply

    @ Domenic: That is all well and good, but the point is that, if it is given a chance, the government obviously wants to ban smoking everywhere and will do so. . .the sponsors of the bill have made such statements on the radio and in the GA. Think of the precident this legislation has set.

  4. zdexter Reply

    “If all of you saints out there who don’t smoke (I don’t smoke by the way) were having to forfeit your right to eat fattening meals, or to drink soda, to have pre-marital sex, or alcohol, you would be crying me a river.”

    What? You don’t think I would bow down to the all-knowing Beverly Purdue in cessation of my right to make my own decisions? Well, if the government is going to pay for the consequences by forcing other taxpayers to cover poor health habits, citizens have no incentive to live well. So the Democrats now have to shove the government’s version of well-being down their throats in order to avoid cost overruns. Oops on the part of the nanny staters.

  5. BNS Reply

    Dominic, if you’re so afraid of getting cancer, just work somewhere else. That’s the beauty of our capitalistic system. Same if you want to go to a restaurant. Only go to smoke-free restaurants. Some owners will want to cater to one group so will be smoke-free, while others will want to attract smoking customers and therefore will allow smoking. Duh.

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