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I call it, "Late Night Blog Craziness"
I call it, "Late Night Blog Craziness"

This may not be the most detailed or full account of the year in review, however I can promise you it shall be the most biased.  And, because I can’t really remember the first half of the year, this post will deal entirely with the second semester.  This is appropriate anyhow because it shall be said, in years to come when the history of the Carolina Review (Nash?) is written, that this last semester was among the most memorable and defining semesters of our publication’s tenure (too self satisfying?).

The Carolina Review has been in the news either directly or indirectly nearly every week since spring break.  You will remember the fun times had by all during the fee increase referendum swirl, of course.  Our very own Chris Jones played an integral part in the fight to win round one but then lose against the immeasurable odds that was the BOE/Rayner/Supreme Court alliance for the second unnecessary round.  Then there was the accusation of racism hurled at us from a most unexpected corner that promoted nearly four weeks of inquiry and debate and endless letters to the editor.  Next I literally became the news cycle as outlet after outlet misrepresented my views and mocked me (contrary to popular thought I did not not enjoy the attention).  Of recent note, our coverage of the newly discovered Youth for Western Civilization has put us again at the center of controversy.

In other news, we started a daily blog and Wizard of Ozed our publication to make it a glossy, colorful, most attractive magazine.  Thanks to the events of this semester the Carolina Review shall never be the same.  And, speaking of thank-yous, I would like to offer a few of my own.  I remember when Zach Dexter (CRdaily editor and regular contributor) and I sat down to have lunch to discuss our idea of vamping up the Carolina Review Blog.  Cheers to him for his hard work without which this blog wouldn’t even exist.  Zach has worked tirelessly  to keep our blog professional and up-to-date and it is his computer savy that allows for the creation of such promising features as our Review Dispatch Podcast, the Breaking News bar (above the first post), our Twitter account, and our Facebook fan page.  I would also like to thank the Review editors Bryan Weynand and Nash Keune for their support of CRdaily this year and for their valued contributions to the blog.  I would also like to thank all of the regular contributors to CRdaily and everyone else who has offered valuable insight when it was needed.  Those writers include Anthony Dent, Chris Jones, Chelsea Walker and Chelsea Miller.  And, as much as I can not stand the Daily Tar Heel, I thank them for facilitating what was at times an extrodinary amount of editorial page coverage of our little ol’ magazine. Lastly, I would like to thank you, the reader.  Without you CRdaily wouldn’t be any fun to run.

This will probably not be the last post of the semester, however I admit the URL will be a bit deceiving the next couple of weeks as finals are coming up and I do not promise daily coverage.  Nevertheless, check back in with us soon; we will reveal our blog plans for the summer by the next weekend.


Justin “former most hated student on campus” Caw!der

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  1. cwjones Reply

    It’s the glossy covers. The glossy covers worked magic. We even have Bounce accusing us of taking up 58% of Student Congress’ budget.

  2. zdexter Reply

    Thanks, and without your investigative reporting, it would not be successful (the most read alternative media outlet on campus).

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