April Issue


The April issue of the Carolina Review is printed and out on campus! They can be picked up at the UL, Davis, by the Union, and several academic buildings.

The pdf can be viewed here.

We would first like to thank the venerable Mr. Crowder for his excellent cover painting; our addition of color finally allows us to make full use of his talents. Though if you enjoyed his characterization of Mr. Obama from the fall, it can be viewed repeatedly, along with our other issues, in our archives.

We also must thank King Rand for his contributions to North Carolina state government. After all, “Concentrated power has always been the enemy of liberty.” And if liberty didn’t have an enemy, things at the Carolina Review might just get too boring.

4 thoughts on “April Issue

  1. The end of the Rand article was accidentally cut off due to an editing error. The entirety of the article will be posted on our website.

  2. Don’t let Bryan lie to you – the Rand article was cut as part of a carefully-planned strategy to separate the hardcore CR fans from the occasional, I’ll-pick-this-up-on-my-way-to-Alpine readers. Anyone who visits the website to find out what the rest of the article says is going on Homeland Security’s right-wing extremist watchlist.

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