To clarify Professor Cravey’s letter…

Apparently after mounting criticism for her antics last Tuesday during Rep. Tancredo’s speech, UNC professor Altha Cravey was compelled to send a letter to both the Chancellor and the DTH defending her actions and perspective on the matter. Her letter can be read here. I wrote a response that went unpublished (though I am certainly grateful the letter by our own Anthony Dent was chosen instead). Fearing that this lunatic might get away with her startling lack of maturity, I felt obligated to print my letter below:

In response to the letter from Professor Altha Cravey regarding her perspective and role in the Tancredo event I feel obligated to acknowledge the following. I was sitting next to the woman who I have since learned to be Professor Cravey at the event, and I was apalled by her immaturity and lack of sophistication in handling herself as an adult. Contrary to the implication of the letter sent to the Chancellor and printed in the DTH, Professor Cravey was a primary participant in the obnoxious inhibition of speech that took place. She joined in the yelling and chanting of accusations that prevented Mr. Tancredo from speaking, and she drew attention to herself as a loud and noticable force in the protest. She encouraged the students who began many of the chants. Her pretense that she did not agree with the petition to silence Tancredo is therefore transparent; Cravey wished as much as the other students to block Tancredo’s speech, and she helped to accomplish this goal with the same methods the campus has decried over the past week. After the speech I was asked by an adult if the woman who had carried herself so childishly was a professor at UNC; at the time I did not know, but responded that she seemed more like a radical citizen than a university professor. Unfortunately I was wrong. Professor Cravey does not deserve to distance herself from the students she helped to disrupt Tuesday’s speech; she was one of them, and ought to at least stand by her ridiculous and embarrassing behavior.

To learn about this prejudiced professor, click here.

6 thoughts on “To clarify Professor Cravey’s letter…

  1. DC Reply

    Was she that screeching obnoxious woman next giving me an earache?

  2. njr Reply

    The one with a voice that could peel wallpaper off a wall? Yes.

  3. Chelsea W. Reply

    Her voice almost hit that register that only dogs can hear, and I wish so badly that it had. I was RIGHT next to her the whole time. I had no idea that she’s a professor…I thought she was a raving street loon. I’m shocked to find out that some idiot gave her a PhD.

  4. Nash Keune Reply

    She apparently teaches classes on “Feminist Geography,” because that’s totally a thing.

  5. Chelsea Walker Reply

    Nash, I would say that I hope you’re making that up, but sadly, I fear that you are not.

  6. bweynand Reply

    It is most definitely true. I’m not sure I have read a more unprofessional autobiography on a professor’s personal website. Most professors describe their research interests in an objective manner which leads us to believe that there might actually be some redeeming thought to be gleaned from their topic of examination. Professor Cravey’s reads like a contest to use as many liberal buzz words as possible, proving that, in fact, she does merely study radical liberal rhetoric disguised as geography.

    “I believe that theorizing society and social change can offer guidance about how social change occurs and how we can best live in the world and contribute to progressive social change.”

    What did we learn from this sentence?

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