Multicultural Egg Hunt

As of the time of this writing you (yes you!) can still make the Connor Community Multicultural Egg Hunt.  As my friend and fellow Review staff member, Chris Jones, pointed out, one of the flyers advertising for the event featured a large green cross, the symbol for the spanish inquisition.  In other words, the cross is anything but a symbol for multiculturalism.  Neither is most any symbol for any religion for that matter.  And I don’t have to be a scholar regarding world religions to to make such a claim, either.  This is because the Law of Non-Contradiction (that contradictory statements can’t both at the same time be true in the same way in the same sense) is true for everybody, even Multiculuralists. 

You see, Multiculuralists, who supposedly put equal weight to every culture, are intolerent of those who are intolerent of other cultures.  The non-discriminatory discriminate against the discriminatory.

Beyond that, the idea of having a multicultural event that mimicks a favorite American tradition that is a part of the larger celebration of Christ’s resurrection is simply obnoxious if not offensive to a great majority of students here.  Easter is a celebration of a very specific culture by people who believe the same thing about a specific religious text that is very, very, a lot, a lot not pro-multiculturalism.

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