GLBTSA Offensive Flyer

(Warning: Offensive content below)

As I was walking out of Davis Library, I turned to notice a flyer.  At first, I was unaware of what in tarnation it was regarding, however, upon closer examination I realized it was a photograph of a drag-show queen naked from the chest up.  It was an advertisement for GBLT-SA’s (the Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender-Straight Alliance) drag show coming up this spring.  The ever popular “Arabia Night Addams” drag show queen? glared at me with longing eyes fixed under a wig the size of Kansas.  Her/his breast hung out under his arm, horrifyingly explicit.

In the school year of  2007-2008 (the closest year on record I can find), GLBT-SA recieved a total of $21, 066.70 of your student fees.  Yes, you read correctly, that was over twenty thousand dollars.  Of that over twenty thousand, about $840 went to the Fall Drag Show that year (according to their own budget discription) part of which went to the offensively named group, “The Cuntry Kings;” a troup of “performers.”  To be fair, however, I have heard around that as of late GBLT-SA is out of cash or at least out of student fee funding at least for now (You’d think they could have stretched out that 20 grand for about 10 years or so).

Not that I blame GLBT-SA for getting the money, the truth is congress doesn’t have much choice regarding whether the money given to organizations are wasted on such things as strippers or drag show “professionals.”

Below is the poster that I was refering to and that ought to make you plenty sorry for the culture you live in.

15 thoughts on “GLBTSA Offensive Flyer

  1. Johnny Q Reply

    Haha, this stupidity is exactly why Republicans are no longer in power!

  2. nn Reply

    how long did the CRs make their 13,000 last? and how long would it have lasted if they had gotten their requested amount (40,000)?

  3. jlcrowde Reply

    The issue at hand happens to be that that flyer is objectively offensive no matter what one’s stance regarding LBGTQ rights happens to be and I thought people should know and see it. I don’t blame any student organization for getting as much money as possible, that’s the name of the game.

  4. Johnny Q Reply

    You’re in college. Grow up. Did you see the huge fetuses that were on campus months ago? Were you complaining then?

    Moreover, level of offensiveness is subjective. Who cares what you personally find offensive?

    I thought this site was for College Republicans to post relevant material. You could actually provide rational counter-arguments to the Young Democrats/progressives and foster intelligent debate. That would be beneficial and interesting. Instead, you decide to post stupidity.

  5. LRQ Reply

    I think the more pressing matter he is mentioning is that it is funded by student fees…

  6. jlcrowde Reply

    Hey Johnny, I admit my “objective” slip. What I was trying to say was that sane people find that poster offensive. . .

  7. nn Reply

    sane people found the aborted fetuses on the quad offensive too (also funded by student fees). and those were pretty unavoidable, whereas these posters are not, and you will not be forced to walk by the drag show in progress.

  8. John Eick Reply

    I think that it should be said that this website and blog is a completely separate entity from the UNC-CH College Republicans. Whilst some contributers for this site and the Carolina Review may also be members of the UNC-CH College Republicans, the College Republicans do not necessarily endorse the viewpoints expressed here. Additionally, the College Republicans do not support the Carolina Review financially, but merely view it as another contributer to the free-exchange of ideas on campus.

  9. Sure thing Reply

    There is no real difference between the Carolina Review and College Republicans, except that they are officially two separate groups so as to milk the most money out of Student Congress.

    CR and CR share office space, membership, ideology — and initials.

  10. Nick Varunok Reply

    While I respect your right to hold the views you proclaim I wholeheartedly disagree with them. I would also like to say that I have read multiple samplings of your letters in the DTH, in comments on the DTH website, and now on this blog. I did you justice by making sure I read many things before I formulated my opinion which you may not have deserved. This opinion is that you are a very poor writer and do not do a good job presenting your views in a coherent manner. As a liberal I would prefer a much more eloquent display of your conservatism so I can at least be impressed by your intelligence and poise. I implore you to have someone read over what your saying so I can at least appreciate the comments you make that I disagree with so strongly. It’s really embarrassing that you continue to plaster your name all over campus literature with conflicting views in painful syntax. I would find it very difficult to appreciate a debate with a person who cannot express themselves when they have the opportunity to be the antithesis of many ideologies here on campus.

  11. cwjones Reply

    I’m a writer for Carolina Review and I am not a member of College Republicans and never will be. And I’m not the only one.

  12. Curtis Main Reply

    Well thanks so much for ripping down the flyer I designed. I’ll have you know several bits of advice real quick:

    1) Arabia is her stage name, and Peaches her real name. She is not a stripper. Just an out and proud trans woman. And in her own words, “I like to show off my body, it costs a lot!”

    2) I find it more offensive that you probably took down my flyer and did not put it back. It was 50 cents. May I have my money back (emphasis on mine)?

    3) There are more than 35 other flyers, each unique. If you would like to analyze each one, well, I did my job well- they got your attention.

    4) The GLBTSA has consistently worked hard at not only evolving as a student organization, but at hosting various successful, stable events (drag show, unity, coming out week). This helps with getting money.

    5) I am the coordinator for the Spring Show. My goal is to bring in $2000 or more in profit. My position is completely free. I perform too. My body is plastered all over campus. And damned proud of it. I bet you probably got a little excited too, right? Then you saw drag show… your poor sexuality, haha.

    6) And yes, professional. Peaches probably makes upwards of 50 grand a year. She makes a LOT of people really proud.

  13. Curtis Main Reply

    Thanks for not taking it down; color printing costs quite a bit!

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