One Woman’s View of UNC Basketball

 Tar! Heels! Tar! Heels! 

Whatever the perception out there about women and sports may or may not be true but at UNC basketball = life.  Before I came to UNC I cannot say when I watched an entire basketball game.  But, being at UNC has changed all that.  There is this sports culture that I have never experienced before. 

Previously, I did not particularly like sports at all.  The only sports game I watched was the super bowl and that only for the commercials.  But over the past year I have built up a love for UNC sports. 

 It all started when I was walking out of ram’s head dining hall and I saw the football stadium covered in a sea of Carolina blue.  Everyone was shouting “TAR HEELS” with one thought in mind: WIN!  From then on, I was a Tarheel. 

In conclusion, I don’t care much for sports and I do not know 90% of the teams in the NCAA brackets but I love UNC basketball.  I don’t find myself watching any other basketball games or any games that is with kind of heart and spirit as UNC basketball games. 

 And, in time for the elite eight, I want to offer you a recipe for a dip that never misses; Hummus. 

-Mince one garlic clove into the food processor

-Add one can of chick peas/garbanzo beans

-Add about 4 table spoons of tahini (like peanut butter but made with sesame seeds.  Easily found at Harris teeter)

-1/2 Freshly squeezed lemon

-A table spoon of olive oil

-A pinch of salt

-Add water according to the preferred texture

-Blend until smooth.  Then serve and enjoy! 


4 thoughts on “One Woman’s View of UNC Basketball

  1. Priscilla Reply

    I love Carolina basketball.
    I don’t even know why.
    I just do.
    It’s that good.

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