Carolina Review Hate Hotline


A funny parody meant to promote the new feature, the Review Dispatch Podcast located at the top of the webpage.  Check it out.

And, by the way, the following is the winner for the weekly hatemail contest:
“It’s that  justin crowder thought himself holy enough to make a judgement on whether obama is fit for heaven that makes a lot of us mad.
how about this: we just respect each other as men and women? none of us has the right to morally judge others. so i’d really appreciate it if your dear CR (that goes for carolina review and college republicans) would quit saying that anyone who has sex out of wedlock or doesn’t attend church on sundays is straying away from proper morals (see today’s blog article “The DTH wrong, again”).
hookups are not equated to “tragedy” for most of us. and be real, if we were all saints, you still wouldn’t believe in our change. so while you’re rooting for the president to fail (no matter how much i hated bush, i never rooted for his failure), we’ll keep chugging along, moving this country forward.”

3 thoughts on “Carolina Review Hate Hotline

  1. LRQ Reply

    isn’t this person morally judging Justin? can you say “hypocrite”?

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