The DTH Wrong, Again

Last Tuesday’s Sex issue in the DTH focused on the revolution to a “hook-up culture” andthe “norms” or college life.  First of all, I was appalled in the way the DTH handled the issue.  A definite trend, it is true, seems to be occuring regarding the shift from serious relationships to “hook-ups,” but if anything the matter should be treated as a tragedy rather than something glorified with pictures of contraceptives and a Top 10 fact list.  The picture at the tope of the page with the female face trying to tear the condom wrapper was tasteless.

This shift of society is nothing to present in a light manner; essentially it highlights the average studdent’s tendency to forgo weekly church services and cast morals off as childish matters.  I believe that the “hook-up culture” will one day haunt our lives.  Though not all “hook-ups” involve sex, we don’t want the same 1970s connotations hanging over our heads as it does our parents.  Fun for the moment will only last so long; it’s tomorrow that should be on our minds.

Furthermore, I suggest that next time the Daily Tar Heel dedicates a page to this issue, it consider mentioning the word abstinence at least once, because it is, after all, the best form of contraception.  This was simply another example of how the Daily Tar Heel uses its own ideologies to represent the opinion of everyone on campus.

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  1. Chelsea W Reply

    You’re totally right, Chelsea! I try to make a habit of never reading the DTH because of stuff like this. Also, to Zach and whoever else did the new blog design, it looks great!

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