John Kerry Is God?

John Kerry came to our college yesterday.  But, before I begin to speak about something I didn’t attend (ahem, see my ever popular article, I Heart Goat Orgasm) let me explain why there was nothing posted yesterday.  First, the server on which the blog exists shut down and we had to fix it.  Then, my dorm flooded due to a sprinkler system malfuntion which, if you are interested, you may read about here

So anyway, John Kerry Came here yesterday.  I made a conscious effort not to attend.  And, just to show you how much I don’t care to hear John Kerry speak, I went to hear Obama speak last year.  He spoke on global warming I am told which is perfect because I have come up with some suggestions during this crazy weather time of year here in North Carolina.  I suggest to John that he sneak in a proposal (as long as they are going to fight climate change) to the budget or to the stimulus that we monitor the weather and keep it at 70 degrees every day.  I also want a little breeze and some clouds but also partly sunny.  And, speaking of the sun, I don’t want it in my eyes when I am playing tennis in a few. 

If John can get on that, that would be great.

3 thoughts on “John Kerry Is God?

  1. Christopher J Reply

    Umm…Justin…what is the point of this post lol.

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    I’m just saying, I, like John Kerry, want to stop the climate from changing.

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