9 thoughts on “Coach K. Correct?

  1. Here, here! about your last comment. However, I hope your not serious about it having been offensive. When I posted this it was breaking news and I wanted to share it with basketball fans…

  2. im exaggerating about it being offensive. BUT, i really don’t think k. is “correct?”. that’s what i took issue with. the review should know better than to insinuate that the head coach of new jersey university at durham could be correct about ANYTHING, let alone a basketball-related matter.

  3. He’s not correct. Just because the economy is bad doesn’t mean that the president should abstain from all joy and happiness in life. He’s just upset that Obama doesn’t like his team.

  4. I was not implying, in the least, that Coach K.’s team was “correct.” I just agree with him regarding Obama’s time managment. And, Christopher J, I agree with you about him having the right to enjoy life, but its the perception that he gives to people like me when he goes on Jay Leno and ESPN and does these townhall meetings…it appears he thinks this to be a joke; that he is still campaigning and if he just uses his “cool” image and the vehicle of popular cultures perception of what he is doing, everything will work itself out. It doesn’t work that way.

  5. It was George W. Bush that started the idea of the Permanent Campaign. Obama’s just continuing it. So yes, he’s basically running for re-election already.

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