Obama Picks ’em

Jim Calhoun
Jim Calhoun

So I was eating dinner at PTs when I look up and see Obama on the screen.  I figured it was CNN or Fox or some such nonsense, but no, to my surprise he was on the ESPN channel. 

To be upfront I am not a big sports fan.  I hate the idea of obsessing over statistics and facts or caring beyond cheering for your team each week.  I find sports boring as tarp.  I have, for example, never filled out a bracket for March Madness or, as I heard it refered to as today, “the big dance” or whatever.  I think people care too much about sports and not enough about issues and subjects that actually impact their lives.  People will go insane at a ball game and threaten to commit suicide or kill people over who wins, but not give a flying flip about what the pastor preached about last Sunday or know who the vice president is.

But, apparently Obama enjoys sports.  He was on ESPN picking his bracket teams or whatever you do with the blasted  bracket thingy.  I just sighed and thought: “Wow, this speaks to what we are as a nation.  Obama on ESPN.  He is a rock star; a celebrity.”  Obama’s persona and what people percieve him as being is like that of a house with a new paint job whose wood beneath is rotting.  Who Obama is is inflated by his image as presented in popular culture.  He is the first cool president.

I don’t think Obama would like the UConn coach, Jim Calhoun.  When asked in a press conference whether his 1.6 million dollar salary as a government employee was enough Calhoun replied, “Oh, I make a lot more than that.”  In other words, “It’s my money, I earned it, shut up.”  Maybe Jim Calhoun and Obama should play a little one on one some time.

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