Driving Etiquette

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There are some crazy drivers out there and although you may be one of them, you have to be cautious on the road. Every 14 seconds someone is injured in a car accident and even more often people are involved in accidents. Many accidents can be avoided by paying more attention and some simple practices can help us do this.

Here are some things you may not have learned in drivers’ education.

1. Do not tail someone when they can’t go any faster: Tailing someone can be seen as a signal to speed up or anger but in some cases, it is not necessary. In a situation where the person in front cannot go any faster because of traffic, it is not nice to ride their bumper. It is not under the persons control to go faster and you ridding their bumper will not fix the situation at all. In this situation tailing someone only make matters worse.

2. Let people merge: Sometimes you end up in the wrong lane and need to change lanes or the lane is ending and you need to merge into the next lane. It is etiquette to let them in because they have a certain destination just like us and we could just help them along by letting them merge. If there is a lane ending, it is even more important to let the person merge because the road will disappear. There is nowhere to go and they need to merge so just be a nice person and let them in or switch lanes to the faster lane so the person may take their time in merging into the highway.

3. Know your right-of-ways: This is critical information that everyone should know. Not knowing your right-of-way could lead to a horrible accident because if everyone knows the right-of-way and you do not, then you may end up being the fault in the accident. This also makes it the drive smoother because there is an understanding of who is supposed to go and who is supposed to yield.

It is hard to communicate on the road because there is no verbal communication and things may be unpredictable. So let us try to make everyone’s driving experience a happier one by being polite on the road.

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  1. Verna Reply

    You know, this is exactly right. There is nothing more stressful than when someone is on your bumper and you have no way to go faster. I am often a passenger of agressive drivers and it is just plain scary, everyone needs to chill and realize that you will get to where you need to be and you don’t have to be a jerk to others just to get there fives minutes faster.

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