Fee Fiasco

Raynor with Moeser
Raynor with Moeser

The referendum on whether UNC should raise the student fee for student’s childcare by about $10 has been interesting to say the least. I worked on the “vote no” side of the campaign and let me tell you I feel Tim Nichol’s suit against JJ Raynor is justified.

I was involved with the painting of A-frames for our campaign. The painting of these frames took hours and I used my own paint that I spent my own money to buy. You can imagine my indignation when I discovered that the signs were stolen the next day.

I was also involved with the hanging of “vote no” signs around campus in perfectly legal locales. The next day they were torn down.

The other night I came from the library and one of the A-Frames that were stolen was back with wanted posters that had one of the student‘s face on it who was against the increase. Needless to say, I was not amused.

While all this was going on, JJ Raynor proceeded to run a “vote yes” campaign out of her executive office. And, um, yes she did.  Raynor now denies any wrong doing.  What she did wrong was use her privileges as president to promote her point of view.  Just FYI.

In other words, the DTH’s covering of this fiasco was a ridiculous waste of paper.

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