Illegal = Free Ride?

Come on over
Come on over

A sign of the state of our nation can be found in the debate regarding illegal immigrants and whether they ought to be allowed into community colleges. Governor Perdue has promised not to allow this and North Carolina senator Philip Berger is taking her up on it. He has introduced a bill to the general assembly entitled “Coummunity Colleges Can’t Admit Illegal Aliens.” Now that’s how you title a bill!

There is a group here at UNC against Mr. Berger. Ron Bilbao of third-place for Student Body President fame is one of the leaders of Coalition for College Access, a student organization here on campus. Ron explains that “We must stop cutting out the rights of people to be educated.” There are various and sundry problems with that statement. First of all, Mr. Bilbao, how are we “cutting out” anything? It seems to me that illegal means illegal. The illegal immigrants chose to break the law.

Secondly, when did it become a “right” to be educated? If education is a “right” then I have a right to learn how to be a doctor. The government should subsidize medical school expenses for me and, while they are at it, they should pay for law school and business school. And, further more, I do not have to be a legal citizen!

What a selfish, childish point of view. It’s very simple. Illegal means illegal. It shouldn’t be a ticket to a free, or cheap, education.

4 thoughts on “Illegal = Free Ride?

  1. JQS Reply

    Ron actually didn’t place… he was disqualified. what are socmmunity colleges?

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    Ron placed third; then he was disqualified. As to your question, I didn’t edit my post well enough. Thanks.

  3. Huh? Reply

    Where does “free ride” come from? These students would be paying out-of-state rates, which at community colleges is actually above the cost to educate the student.

    That is, these students would be subsidizing in-state students.

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