Play Wrong to Glorify Rape, Prostitution

Eve Ensler performing the Monologues
Eve Ensler performing the Monologues

Imagine a play that involved audience participation in chanting the “C” word, veneration of child rape, the glamorization of lesbian prostitution, contains detailed descriptions of female masturbation, and teaches that women are merely sex objects. Now imagine this play being shown at a prestigious college and no one seeming to care. What is UNC’s production of the Vagina Monologues? Correct!

Not many things surprise me here at UNC any longer when it comes to offensive events, but I think someone was trying a bit too hard when they thought of this one. Apparently in UNC land it is permissible to teach that women are nothing more than sexual objects. Not only that, teaching that they are nothing more than sexual objects is justified with the excuse that it helps to empower women and fight violence. Yeah, no. The student organization selling tickets for the event in the pit was simultaneously giving out free condoms to men. That’ll teach those rapists!

The Clair Booth Luce Policy Institute offers 10 fact vs. fallacy claims in a handout entitled The Vagina Monologues Exposed. Among the most offensive and ridiculous facts include the fact that the Monologues venerates child rape. A woman gets a girl of 16 drunk (in the original play she was 13 years old) and then rapes her. The little girl explains that the experience “transformed my sorry-ass coochi snorcher and raised it up into a kind of heaven.” The original play ended with the line, “if it was rape, it was a good rape.”

So, I’m confused. How does promoting child rape empower women? But then again, we have to be “viewpoint neutral.” We mustn’t judge them because they are different. Maybe child rape is okay for them but not for you. Isn’t that how the usual multiculturalist/diversity line goes?

May I suggest that the “feminists” who put on such evil and their organization be castrated from our community. There is no place for them. Or, if they are to receive permission or funds again in order to put on the Vagina Monologues, they ought to be required to have “pro-child rape” printed in bold on each of their flyers.

When, for the sake of fairness I attend this play Saturday in order that I may further write about it, I do not know what will keep me from turning over the tables in the theatre out of righteous anger.

(Update: The student organization Carolina V-Day Initiative that puts on the play received 1,100 dollars of your student fee money; outrage anyone?)

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  1. LRQ Reply

    This is frankly unbelievable. The disgusting hypocrisy of the feminist movement is unfathomable. I cannot believe that a university of our stature would even consider showing such repugnant trash. And Congress funded this? Unbelievable.

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