The End

Sue Johanson
Sue Johanson

Well, that’s it.  We have committed suicide as a society.  We are no longer worth anything to God, to country, or to family.  I know this because the DTH recorded the reactions of students to Sue Johanson’s “Sex Talk.”

“I thought it was amazing, especially the part where she put the condom on with her mouth,” gushed one Freshman (aww I didn’t say “first year” CRY ME A RIVER).  But that wasn’t the best part, “She helped male students by explicitly explaining how to stimulate a clitoris — by touching, fingering, fondling, petting, stroking and oral genital sex.”  Wow, that’s not offensive at all.  I mean, obviously it can’t be because it is against the harrasment policy to offend anyone.

According to Sue your sexuality is “the most important aspect of living.”  Well that would be in line with the sentiments of the Vagina Monologues that UNC will allow to be performed on campus this weekend.  That’s just great.  UNC’s message to women: you are nothing more than a sex toy.

I love living here at UNC and I love my friends, my classes, and my teachers.  But, I despise this university’s values.  They are repugnant.

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