Diaphramic Glitches

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Today I am going to divulge the mystery behind the subject of hiccups and offer a proven cure. 

Hiccups come at unexpected times and can be caused by many things that include eating too fast and eating spicy food.  Specifically, hiccups are usually caused by irritations in the diaphragm that result in spasms.  These spasms cause air to irregularly pull into your lungs.  When the air passes by the vocal chords, the result is what you know as the “hiccup” sound. 


In other words, the best way to avoid hiccups is to regulate your swallowing and eating so that your habits do not irritate your diaphragm.  Interestingly, there are some irregular cases in which the hiccups can last for weeks.  However, these incidences are another matter entirely that can be helped by the use of medication. 


When it comes to hiccups, everyone’s a doctor.  Many think they have a secret remedy to cure them.  These magical cures include the ever popular spoon full of sugar remedy to the more unique having one foot in cold water while dancing around cure.  According to Wikipedia (a most trusted source for many college students) home remedies for curing hiccups fall into three categories: diverting attention, swallowing, and altered breathing. Below I spell out my own personal remedy for curing hiccups.  The trick is to have a cure that encompases all three categories. 

The following is an easy three-step exercise to rid these hiccups fast.                      


1) Bend forward as far as possible

2) Drink a couple large sips of water while bending over.

3) Then hold your breath for 15 seconds after swallowing the water and then slowly stand up.


Hiccups generally go away with time, but in order to get rid of them faster I highly recommend the above three step process. It has never failed me.  If it does not work then you probably did it wrong.


But, perhaps you know of another cure that has been passed down in your family since Eve hiccupped after eating the apple.  If so, feel free to comment and let everyone know!



7 thoughts on “Diaphramic Glitches

  1. Will Reply

    I particularly like this statement, “It has never failed me. If it does not work then you probably did it wrong.”

    I get hiccups from eating too quickly :-/

  2. A.Lee Reply

    I get hiccups when I am scared sometimes. And they are actually really painful and louder than anyone else I’ve ever met!!!

    But what always works for me is to have someone command me to hiccup. And once you actively try to make yourself hiccup you won’t be able to do it!

  3. Mae Reply

    I do this same trick! But I add the twist of rotating my neck as I swallow and stand. I should try that spoon full of sugar thing though…or maybe a spoon full of salt, yum.

  4. Lindsey Reply

    Don’t be bashing my technique of a spoon full of sugar, Naomi!

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  6. Priscilla Reply

    I usually fill my mouth with water while I’m standing and swallow while I’m bent over. It’s easier that way. (TWSS!!!!!) Haha… best one yet.

    Oh and also… One day, I was randomly watching “The Bachelor” and one of the contestants had “chronic hiccups” for years. I felt really bad for her because the room would be completely silent and periodically there would be a squeaky “meep” sound coming from the girl. I don’t really watch that show but from the one episode that I watched, she seemed like one of the nicer girls and she was pretty (of course). Needless to say.. she didn’t win.

  7. Priscilla Reply

    Correction: He didn’t “fall in love with her”.

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