To Fee or not to Fee

Will you sign?
SBP J.J. Raynor is upset that congress has denied the student body a chance to raise their student fees. Congress wants to decide for itself whether there will be a $10.37 increase in order to pay for childcare services to be given to young mother and fathers that attend the university. From the DTH article, you get the sense that Student Congress does not desire to pass the thing and that J.J does. 

Apparently she cares a lot because she is working to get folks to sign a petition that will force the issue. If she is successful at getting 10 percent of the student body to sign a petition, the question will be put to a referendum.

When a girl stood up in class today and asked me to sign the petition, my initial response was to say, “Well, this is an attempt to get around a common-sense congress.” But, I do agree that it is good to have free referendums. However, this particular issue seems to be tricky.

You see, most students here do not pay their tuition out of their own pockets. So, when a decision comes before us regarding the raising of fees, many times it is of no great consequence for us to simply say yes. This is what congress-woman Taylor Holgate meant when she said, “I believe that if this goes to referendum, students will pass it.” We will pass it even if the raise is a ridiculous waste of an increase during hard economic times.

Also, the fee increase is to help out a small percentage of students who have made a conscious decision to get impregnated. It is, first and foremost, their responsibility to take care of their children. It is not my job, nor is it yours, to pay for day care or any other care when it comes to other people’s children. To bring in around $300,000 of revenue in to pay for this is simply unacceptable to me as a fiscal conservative.

So, in closing, the fee increase is a bad idea. Should we have the right to decide as a student body? You decide whether you want to decide by deciding whether to decide to sign the petition.  I say give the referedum to our parents.

4 thoughts on “To Fee or not to Fee

  1. Christopher J Reply

    Maybe some common sense can take over and we can charge student fees for childcare to students that actually use these services.

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    or how about lower student fees and let them keep more money so that they can pay for childcare? I suppose, however, this will not, perhaps, aid them enough.

  3. Kris Reply

    Your assertion that we shouldn’t pay for child care because “the fee increase is to help out a small percentage of students who have made a conscious decision to get impregnated” is ridiculous. That would be like saying we shouldn’t pay student health fees because not everyone chooses to use the University’s student health center. These child care services are eligible for everyone, just like student health fees are. Just because some of us choose not to “impregnate” ourselves and use those priveleges does not mean that we shouldn’t lend a helping hand where it’s needed. This school is known for its many organizations that help world-wide causes. I think its pretty sad that there is so much hostility towards our student body helping its own.

  4. jlcrowde Reply

    I think it is sad that people who desire to vote “yes” have such a lack of initiative that they cannot organize a fundraiser to raise money for these few families without using coercion.

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