Campus Y Not?

New Campus Y logo?
Campus Y logo?

The Campus Y has taken away its decades old requirement that it have one male and one female serve as co-presidents.  The policy was instituted in order to prevent discrimination against women who were, back in the day, a minority here at UNC.

Some might argue that the change is not in keeping with the Y’s commitment to diversity.  However, is diversity for the sake of diversity a good thing?  What if, as there are this year, there are three candidates running?  One person inevitably runs unopposed.  The qualification is merely one’s gender.

Not to beat a dead elephant, but UNC seems to be a slow learner on the subject:   diversity is not a virtue.  It is, in fact, an unsustainable policy (if an organization is  be taken seriously) as the Campus Y finally figured out.  Besides, who hasn’t noticed that the line at Lenoir is 85% female?  It’s the men who need affirmative action.

Also, if they are obsessed with being committed to “social justice through the cultivation of pluralism,” perhaps the Y could focus on other areas of diversity.  For example, why not have at least one co-president who does not carry a red-card in his wallet?

4 thoughts on “Campus Y Not?

  1. Ben Shaver Reply

    There was a good reason for the previous rule. Because the old campus YMCA and YWCA combined to form the Campus Y, it makes sense to require that each faction be represented.

  2. Ted Reply

    I don’t really see Jeff Chen or Casey Boeckner as Marxists…..just a thought: maybe you should actually know about and be involved in the Y before you accuse it of leftism.

    But its kind of funny to know that plenty of students are busy volunteering at middle schools and homeless shelters so you guys can call them communists on a blog that five people read.

    But it’s true that we hate all Christians.


    PS. The male/female rule was revoked as to not discriminate against those who do not identify with a gender (ie. transgender students). So, in a way, the Y made the change for the sake of DIVERSITY. Sorry guys.

  3. jlcrowde Reply

    I am sorry that you seemed to have taken such offense at that last part. I meant it as a joke. I do know a bit about the Y because I did hours of research on the organization and spelled out it’s socialist/questionable connections in the following column:

    In this article I believe I say that there is no doubt the Y does some good things. I simply feel that this is overshadowed by it’s commitment to “progressivism.”

    I don’t think you hate all Christians, and I never said that, obvioulsy. You seem to be irritated and thus jumped to conclusions. For example, I never mentioned the word “Marx.” Also, I have met Jeff and had a meeting in which Casey was there (as far as I know) and from what I can tell they seem to be very nice people who I am nearly certain do not pledge allegiance to International Socialism.

    Lastly, thanks for letting me know about the true reason behind the Campus Y’s decision. That is utterly ridiculous and stupid and feeds my understanding of the Y as a largely silly organization.

    Keep reading.

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