Bring it on, Life


The publication of this column begins what will be a weekly feature.  “Angry Beard: A Weekly Fray” is written by me, an animated young man who happens to have a beard.  And I must say that I am rollicking at the opportunity to have a turn at posting on the hottest blog in town. 

If you have been reading the DTH editorial page recently you may have noticed that the blokes who run that monopoly have gone a bit overboard when it comes to christening their columnists.  Within the last two weeks they have had a “Race Columnist,” an “Identity Columnist,” and a “Linguistic Columnist” among others.  These specialists go on about a current issue and relate it to their field of study.  Well, consider me your “Anger Columnist.”  I will chronicle the unspoken irritating experiences of day to day life shared by us students here at UNC.  I’m referring to those incidents that exacerbate one’s attitude to become worse than that of Marie Antoinette’s.  But, for fear of being labeled uncouth you keep from mentioning the matter.  In this column I am constrained by no such phobia.

Just what you’ve always wanted, right?  A column that says, in a funny, enthralling way, the things you have been thinking all week.  In other words, my column will be a relation of the “little things” that, when understood collectively, combine to create the undeniable fraternity present among the student body here at UNC. 

Take, for example, the simple matter of exercise.  At UNC the process one must go about to simply run on a tread mill is more complicated than Math 630.  I mean I understand the need to check for One Cards, but surely a group of demented sea monkeys could come up with a better system for the use of the treadmills.  Currently, you must arrive in advance in order to sign up for a machine.  My first time at the SRC I arrived and, seeing number six was free, unknowingly commenced running.  Soon thereafter someone came along and not so subtly asked me to leave.  Learning my lesson, I decided to sign up for a later time, but the next hour or so was filled with wannabe track stars.  And so I left, alone and without a jog.  Whatever happened to the ol’ first come, first serve rule? 

Then, of course, there’s the dinning halls, the pit, life in the classroom…ideas for this weekly write-up are endless, so bring it on, life!  And as to you, join me here, each Saturday, in order that I may continue to write.

2 thoughts on “Bring it on, Life

  1. YP Reply

    I don’t sense much anger. and treadmills isn’t really an issue that gets me fired up.

    i vote crowder for angriest beard

  2. jlcrowde Reply

    Awww, I’m not angry….I’m happy-go-lucky. And, BTW, “Angry Beard” is an awesome Blog post name; you’re just jealous.

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