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I am so sick of government filling its trophy case with nonsense. Speaking of which, Orange County’s Human Relations Commission is in the news. Ever diligent at their responsibilities (and omniscient in their understanding), the Commission has recently “noticed” that “hate crimes” have increased across the United States. This trend, according to them, has been in effect ever “since the heated debate concerning immigration reform, since the announcement of this country’s economic struggles and since Senator Barack Obama has become the President-Elect across the united states.” Brilliant!

The situation called for immediate action by the commission! Yes! This was no ordinary circumstance; this called for a PDF file. In a document entitled “High Alert!,” the Commission further explains that these “crimes have been towards Hispanics, African-Americans, Arab-Americans, Arabs and persons of Middle Eastern descent, Eastern Indians who have been perceived to be Arabs or of Middle Eastern descent and homosexuals.” But how are all these haters succeeding in the face of hate crime legislation? Alert! Some “hate groups,” they warn, are changing their approach and attempting to use white people as vehicles for their purposes.

For example, between October and November 2008 the commission received a total of 4 reports of “hate crimes” and two reports of “hate bias.” Of the 6 “reports,” 5 involved incidents of vandalism to Obama campaign signs as well as citizenry speaking negatively about Obama in public (the nerve!) Those are the facts ma’am, just the facts. Here’s the call to action: Alert! “Be very vigilant and prepared for possible incidents to occur. From now until May, 2009…remain on high alert for any hate group activities, hate crimes in your local areas and hate bias incidents during this period.”

Boy, I hope May comes quickly! Until then the best we can hope for is that the Human Relations Commission continues to serve as our collective mommy. Sure, with people publicly disagreeing with Obama, things may seem bad.  Maybe worse than they’ve ever been. But, the commission is driven by the hope that their work may someday bring about a time when all (white/straight) people can commit crimes void of hatred and that the criminal activity, while it may be illegal, can be done out of love and concern for mankind.

In closing, if you hear local government whining about lack of money or tax revenue and their inability to cut vital programs, email this article to your representative. Somehow I don’t think a fascist thought police force is on the list of necessary government expenditures.

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