Strange Email

DPS sent out an email around 5 o’ clock that stated the following warning:

“The University’s Department of Public Safety is warning students about
reports in recent days of an individual who approached students on
campus and invited them to participate in research or Bible studies.

Campus police describe this person as an African-American male, about 26
to 30 years old, 6 feet tall, and with a closely shaved head. Police say
he is very charismatic and convincing in his approach to inviting

If you’re approached by a person fitting this description and asked to
participate in a study, call the Department of Public Safety using a
campus call box or dialing 911.”

The email was sponsored by the Emergency Warning Committee, and so, one would assume this was in relation to a possible emergency.  But, no one, including the DTH, seems to understand what the short-haired, black evangelical has done to deserve such profiling.

Anyone in the know about the meaning of this? If so, comment and let us know…

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