Slavery We Can Believe In

Person of the Year
Person of the Year

Today, around lunch time, Obama will be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States of America.  What does that mean for us college students?  The short and simple answer is: slavery. 

According to Obama’s Blueprint for Change, he will “require 100 hours of service in college.”  Per usual, Obama is short on the details.  For example, exactly what we will do (be required to do that is) is unclear.  It does say, however, that we will receive a $4,000 tax credit for our trouble; that’s 40 dollars an hour.   In other words, the person of the year is proposing to take billions of dollars from the private sector in order to redistribute it to some punk kid planting roses in a park.

For those of you with a real job, you might find the parallels between Obama’s plan and the private sector striking.  I mean, in both work is rewarded with pay.  But, in Obama’s la la, yes-we-can land there is one slight difference: society has no say in whether the college student’s “service” is efficient or necessary.  Competitive capitalism allows for WAY too much freedom under an Obama administration.  No, coercion is the way of the future.  You will serve.  Why?  Because, it’s a good thing to do, duh!  Never mind any arguments involving inalienable rights or some such western construct ; that is sooo 19th century. 

All in all, Obama believes it is the place of the federal government to mandate “Universal Voluntary Citizen Service.”  In American, “universal voluntary” is translated “tyranny.”  Side effects may involve anger to the point of great indignation. But, perhaps you’re willing to give this “change” a chance.  If so, when it comes your turn to “serve,” just look Obama in the eye and say, “Yes suh, massah.”


4 thoughts on “Slavery We Can Believe In

  1. Ben Reply

    I think it refers to a “universal” opportunity to perform community service, which will furthermore be “voluntary.” How the CR reads slavery into something with “voluntary” in the title is mystifying to me. Anyhow, I believe the service is only required given the acceptance of the optional $4,000 tuition credit.

    Even if it is required of university or public high school students, how would that be qualitatively different than the math and science courses we are required to take in school or the certain credits we are required to fulfill before graduating college?

    Seriously, there is enough wage-slavery of various forms in this country to fill up many a blog. Obama’s plan here is no kind of slavery, no matter how much the CR may wish it so.

  2. Obamalover Reply

    hear hear Ben!

    Service should be required to our community and to our country (through drafting) and forced voting.

    Just like they force us to take physical education in high school so that we can sit in the back of the gym and watch kids run into each other.
    or run a 20 minute mile.

  3. StephenColbert Reply

    Service is Service.
    Does having your heart in it plant the roses any better?

    as long as they’re in the ground.

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