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 Ah, UNC, that tolerant, loving place where people slash tires, generally vandalize, and leave profane, mass-murder-like, typed threats (“Stay out of my uterus, asshole!”) on vehicles that have pro-life stickers.  Ashley Tyndall is used to such treatment as the president of Carolina Students for Life.  The vandalism to her car last year was “not an isolated occurrence.”  Someone also “broke into the Carolina Students for Life’s storage unit during the summer, and when leaders opened the door at the beginning of the school year, hateful notes and expired condoms covered the group’s belongings.”

This year students for life infamously held an event in the lower quad at which they dared to speak their pro-life minds (God bless them) and displayed offensive banners of dead fetuses and brought in guests to discuss the issue of abortion with students who walked by.  For this they received $5,000 of student fee monies from Student Congress.  The DTH covered the event and the controversy surrounding the large expenditure extensively, and everyone on campus seemed to have an opinion about it.

“Well!” you say, “They deserve it!  That was a waste of my money.”  Perhaps.  But, know this: last year, altogether, Students for life received about $7,000 from Student Congress.  The GBLT-
SA received (I hope you’re sitting down) $21,000 of your money.  Maybe, just maybe, the DTH should begin questioning the expenditures of other groups.  But, then again, the Carolina Students for Life just don’t get it.  Their mission doesn’t line up with the university elites.  They apparently didn’t get the memo: UNC is pro-choice.

The Campus Health Website has no links (at least that  I could find) to pro-life organizations under “Women’s Health: All-Options Pregnancy Counseling.”  Under the “Abortion” link, it links to Planned Parenthood twice.  The funny thing is, it does the same under the “Adoption” link.  I suppose we are to accept that an organization that considers abortion a “health benefit” for women is not biased on the subject of unwanted pregnancy at all.  How about linking to at least one site that considers abortion murder?  After all, it’s not as if Abortion is a non-issue.  Since Roe v. Wade there have been about 50 million abortions in the United States; that’s 50 million possible UNC students, dead.

Apparently when the university says that it “promotes intellectual growth and derives the educational benefits of diversity by creating opportunities for intense dialogue and rigorous analysis and by fostering mutually beneficial interactions among members of the community” it means everything besides the murder of babies.   

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  1. Asa Reply

    Sight should be site in the second to last paragraph.

    Good article, I enjoy the irony that UNC so frequently displays.

  2. Ed Williams Reply

    The University should tell us exactly what are the educational benefits of “diversity”, in objective, numerical terms. Costs should also be explained. Scholarly studies should be cited. UNC should stop simply assuming, and trying to get us to accept the assumption unquestioningly, that diversity brings great benefits (which of course outweigh the costs) to the educational community

  3. Ash Tyndall Reply

    Thanks for this, guys!

    Just FYI though, I’m not president of CSFL this year. I’m co-outreach director. Melanie Simpson is the 2008-2009 president.

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