God and Man at UNC

In this year of our Lord 2008, UNC dogmatically promotes “intellectual freedom” and is opposed to discrimination on the basis of “religion” or “creed.” Chancellor Thorp has stated his “profound commitment and support of Carolina’s efforts to achieve a diverse and inclusive community.” According to him, “Diversity constitutes a strategic goal of our Academic Plan and a key element of our aspirations for being a great university.”

This the mantra of a university that ended a thirty year tradition of a Christmas tree display in Wilson Library because there was a “diversity of feelings and opinions about it.” In other words the display’s implication no longer fits the university’s creed. But fear not! “The Friends of the Library will continue to provide a seasonal event in Wilson Library on Dec. 11 that will include the telling of winter-themed folktales.” Yes! Now that’s more like it; it’s not offensive, stale, and stupid. Hear ye, hear ye: “All holiday celebrations must involve politically correct bull crap.”

I wonder what the members of the General Assembly who chartered the UNC system would say. After all, their language is a far cry from the neutral, we are a blank slate, fill us in, language of today’s UNC. I’m talking about the General Assembly that offensively commanded, by law, that if “any student shall deny the being of a God, or the divine authority of the Holy Scriptures, or shall assert, and endeavor to propagate among the students any principle subversive of the Christian religion, he shall be dismissed.”

What a distance we have come. Today the law should be written as follows: “if any student shall be offended by the female orgasm he/she/whatever shall be dismissed.” After all, if there is, as the university asserts, such a “diversity of feelings and opinions” about a non-descript Christmas tree, and that diversity prompted the end to a thirty year tradition, what, I wonder, is the diversity of feeling about an “I Heart Female Orgasm” event in which you can “learn how to have your first orgasm, or how to have better ones.”

I can see the class reunion of us, the future leaders of America, now: “Remember back in ’09? That certainly was a great female orgasm event; I met my wife there.”

I assume the women’s rights groups who promoted this and other like events on campus care about such problems facing our society such as unwanted pregnancy, fatherless homes, and violence against women. If so, may I suggest the solution to these and other related issues involve not the advertisement of a “FREE Sex Toy Raffle” in the name of “empowering women,” but a return to what the founders of UNC understood; that morality and religion (specifically Christian values) are the foundation for a healthy society. Let UNC Chapel Hill stop its dishonest jargon regarding non-discrimination and say what it means: that it is decidedly anti-religion (for, if it is for all religions, it is for none).

Now, having “killed God,” UNC rots in the rank stupidity of its own purposeless existence. God help us.

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  1. Obamalover Reply

    you are so anti-carolina. why do you even go to this school?

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