Student fees: Where do They Go?

How much of your student fees went to finance the Vagina Monolouges? $840.00

How much of your student fees were spent on GBLST’s Fall Drag Show which included performances by the Cuntry Kings (you women, and any decent man, should be roayally ticked at the nerve of GBLST for hiring a troup of that name!)? $887.50

Find out more about where your money is going by reading Student Government’s Annual Budget for 2008-2009. You can search the index, click on a particular student organization, and learn about how much money has been appropriated to it thus far, and where, down to the last ink pen, the money went. (For last year’s complete budget click here).

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3 thoughts on “Student fees: Where do They Go?

  1. Noel Bynum, Winston Salem, NC Reply

    I am writing this response as someone who has been both an involved board member and a participant in the GLBTSA drag show and was offended by some of the inaccurate and misleading rhetoric in this article.

    One we promote all performers from all walks of life, so insulting the Cuntry Kings (Who have raised thousands of dollars for GLBT rights like hate crimes legislation, trans-awareness, and other projects) is very prejudice. If you knew the names of any of those performers I’m sure you might think twice. Some of them are very well respected members of this university.

    Secondly the “student fees” money is not given specifically for the drag show, but comes out of the GLBTSA’s budget (which has already been cut back considerably from the last few years). That is only a fraction of the costs, and we make bake the part we pay from student fees every year to sustain our organization just as many other groups do with major events. We lobby very fervently to friends and allys of the LGBT community for donations and support and raise most of the money to put on the show. It allows us to waive membership fees and be an all-inclusive group where all students are welcome.

    Lastly you seem to miss the purpose of the show. It is to celebrate diversity, in all walks of life, and to have fun. Even at a campus as liberal as Carolina people still lead very inhibited lives on a daily basis and the Drag Show is a chance for people to be who they want, and act freely without gender stereotypes as long as they are safe.

    I am proud of the work that the organization does there and this show is worth every cent. We treat the student congress money with respect trying to raise as much as we can to put on the best show we can to give back to the community.So keep on writing these reviews with clever rhetoric taking one fact (such as the amount that comes from the GLBTSA budget) out of context if you want. Or you could come to one of our meetings every Thursday night or even attend the Drag Show yourself next semester that many of your fellow students work very hard to put on.

  2. Fulton Worth Reply

    Our 8th sell-out event occurs each semester and is a main revenue generating event
    for GLBT-SA. We will again hire the Cuntry Kings, who are nationally acclaimed and
    have performed internationally. We have already reserved the Great Hall in the Student
    Union for 8PM on Thursday, October 11, 2007 – National Coming Out Day. Performer:
    $400 Cuntry Kings Drag Troup (Reduced fee)
    Lodging: $0
    Printing and Publicity: $17.50 (500 copies of black and white fliers at $0.035 each)
    Production: $470 (Union Productions Tech Staff charge $450 and program fee $20)

  3. CW Reply

    I don’t care how much money that troupe has raised for “trans-awareness” (I’m pretty sure I don’t want to know what that is) or hate-crimes legislation; if their disgusting name is any indication, I’m sure their music is extremely offensive, and I’m personally offended that my student fees helped finance something that vulgar.

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