“Sex is Cool”


The billboard outside my room

“Sex is cool”  is literally the official stance of UNC (click here if you don’t believe me).  UNC makes no bones about it’s opinion when it comes to fornication as proven by Campus Health Services.  Health Services puts on events around campus that involve “improv[ing] your sexual IQ!” and “condom demonstrations and relays, trivia, and mythbusters!”  The acompanying photographs are pictures from some of the more interesting images that came of my encounter with the event.  

One is of the billboard that stares at me when I walk out of my my dorm room door.  It says, and I quote “Are You ‘About to Do the Deed?’ Well You Should Have a Battle Plan.”  Among the items tacked onto the crapy display was a phamplet entitled “How to Get it On SAFELY!”  Other fascinating literature included the “Man to Man,” and “Woman to Woman” brochures; “Three steps to Health for Gay, Bisexual, or Any Men/Women Who Have Sex With Men/Women.” The photograph of the dog having sex is from the brochure that was slid under my door advertising the event for my community.

Oh, and for the love of diversity they did have a small section devoted to abstinence; did you know that “abstinence may mean not having intercourse, although other sexual activities may be acceptable?”  Ohhhhhhkkkkkkaaayyyyy. 

Anyway, your student fees at work, in case you care…



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