The Larger Point of Obama’s Associations

The following post is adapted from, of all things, a couple of my Facebook comments on a friend’s wall. A CNN anchor, Sanchez, brought McCain spokesman on the air; the spokesman did a pitiful job of deploying the Rashid Khalidi issue against Obama.

Sure, Sanchez can see through the nonsense about ‘the LA times should release video and violate its confidentiality agreement,’ but he’s wrong to suggest that the PLO is simply another group with different views on Israel whose views are useful and true just because they exist.

This relative view of morality and truth is a symptom of the internationalist ideology that McCain should be accusing Obama of espousing. This association with a Palestinian statist could have been a catalyst in this accusation. McCain should have argued that Obama’s espousal of this internationalist ideology would cause him to follow policies in office that would strip us of our sovereignty (i.e., giving political support to the ratification in the U.S. Congress of U.N. treaties created by an antidemocratic socialist/Islamist alliance), while his trade protectionism would depriving other countries like Mexico and Colombia of desperately needed remedies for poverty.

The problem with Obama is that he’s so far left on so many issues that he’s antiliberal – he favors public authority over private freedom. Against some free trade, against capitalism to a large extent, against protection of some offensive speech; embraces relative morality to the point that he will espouse relative truth in his domestic social policy.

The point of saying that is not to file charges against Obama, but to lampoon McCain for failing to attack Obama on his weaknesses. McCain went for personal connections to try to reveal Obama’s internationalist ideology because 1) McCain doesn’t know what he’s doing and 2) Obama votes present on many important bills.

In that sense, McCain is a weak articulator. Too weak to win.

Yeah, the McCain guy was unprepared. He could have answered all of Sanches’ questions if he had done his homework.

For example, here’s a sample answer to the question about the other anti-Semetic guy: Jeremiah Wright. Black liberation theology is anti-Semetic, and Obama was influenced by black-liberation writers. I think he drew his Marxist ideas from those writers and not anti-Semetic ideas (that he drew any such prejudice from Cone, et all, is doubtful). I am convinced that Obama does not harbor any anti-Semetic or any other racial prejudice. But it is a bit scary that he espoused race-baiting Marxist ideologies during his intellectual development.

I’m not sure America would choose Obama if they had read and understood Dreams from my Father. And if they did read and understand it, and they still want it, then welcome to the new socialist motherland. This is democracy, and people will get what they’re asking for. Conservatives will have to clean up the economic mess in a few years.

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