8:01 — Moderator opens the debate by asking how many democrats are in the audience, followed by a huge cheer… Then he starts the debate, failing to acknowledge the Republicans in attendance. Nice one...

8:06 — College Republicans are given the first statement, and use it to ask the Young Democrats how Obama’s plans will be able to succeed without raising taxes, as well as to question the validity of his proposed actions.

8:10 — The YD’s respond with a token Obama talking points, choosing to extol the virtues of the enigmatic concept of “change”, saying that we do not need “Four more years of the same” and citing John McCain’s voting record. Just as expected…

8:13 — First question concerns the current economic situation. YDs respond with their usual talking points of “middle class tax cuts”, with little address to the underlying problems.

8:20 —
The moderator asks the CRs to respond to the accusations that the Republicans are to blame for the current financial crisis. CRs respond by pointing out that 95 house democrats voted down the bill as well. In response, the YDs totally misconstrue the CR’s statement, accusing house Republicans of voting down the bill because they were offended by Nancy Pelosi’s Speech.

8:25 — YD’s assert that the economy is fundamentally better under the control of democrats, with absolutely no data to back up their claims. Then, again the YDs hit their beloved point that Obama will lower middle class taxes. CRs challenge this point, as Obama will only give tax breaks to the middle class in the form of income tax breaks.

8:29 — YDs simply cannot seem to make their points without making obnoxious sarcastic comments, and the YDs in the audience have evidently never attended a debate, as they are unwilling to remain quiet.

8:34 — YD’s say that foreign policy must be based on more than just buzzwords such as “victory” and “freedom”. How ironic, considering the great, deeply intellectual idea of “change” Senator Obama has tricked much of our country into supporting.

8:40 — Finally, someone brings up the point that Obama’s assumption that all human beings will eventually get along is brought up. Debate on fundamentals is bringing this debate back from the stagnation of the foreign policy question. Some minds may be changed here…

8:45 — Of course 2/3 of illegal immigrants pay taxes, they buy food and other goods don’t they? What a ridiculous point from the YDs

8:48 — If the guy who spoke out from the crowd is reading this, just go home now…

8:50 — All of a sudden, the YDs disagree with one of their party members, something they’ve been criticizing the CRs for this whole time.

As the floor opens for debate, many interesting (and likely ignorant) questions are expected. This debate wasn’t a bad one, but the YD’s unwillingness to address the real issues at times reduced this debate to little more than the same old talking points weve heard for the past six months.

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