Wednesday; or, Sarah “Iron Lady” Palin Night

A short post, because there isn’t much that needs to be said…

Palin: This was probably the most important speech of the convention, and, well, she delivered. She was great. I’d hate to shoehorn her into an clumsy comparison, but I definitely got some serious Margaret Thatcher (who was known as the “Iron Lady”) vibes from her. I can’t go much further without sounding like I’m genuflecting in Matthewsian tones. If you didn’t get a chance to, watch it here.

Giuliani: Best line, after recalling Obama’s recent flip-flops: “If I were Joe Biden, I’d get that Vice President thing in writing” (not verbatim). Giuliani, though he did run a bit long and (of course) a lot of what he said was repeated, hit the right tone. And I’m very glad that people are finally mocking the “community organizer” line on Obama’s resume.

Steele: Though I know that he’s relatively unknown to people who live outside of Maryland, he’s something of a hometown hero to beleaguered Maryland Republicans. Our one-time Lieutenant Governor, his (surprisingly close) loss in the race for the Senate was the most disappointing individual result during the 2006 election for many of us. Anyways, his speech, though it didn’t feature many new lines of attack, was rousing. Frankly, who else could have been nearly as persuasive in describing his dream of a color-blind society (Michael Steele is incidentally black)? And who didn’t just love the “Drill, baby, Drill” line (and ensuing chant)?

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    Lets hear it for Palin/Steele in 2012! (He has to serve some office between now and then!)

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