Let’s Get This GOParty Started (9:30 PM – 10:10)

10:08 – We would so vote for McCain’s mom. Guess that makes us “McCain’s mama’s boys.”

10:07 – The Orrin Swindle Read-along!

10:05 – As per McCain’s mommy – John McCain is a “Mama’s boy.”

10:04 – Cue the McCain video.

10:01 – WE had a DNC DaNCe party; now we have a GOP dance party… GOPartying (attribution to Rosie Bucherati… send your complaints to her).

9:58 – FOX is giving us a little tease of McCain’s speech. Apparently he won’t reference President Bush by name but will reference the administration, though not much. His major focus? The McCain-Palin ticket is ready to take over Washington and change some policies. He will “take off the Republican hat and put on the American hat.”

9:57 – We’ll be treated to another video presentation before McCain takes the stage.

9:55 – This stage will allow McCain more room to walk around and talk to the audience. After all, he won’t have to dodge the angels as Obama did.

9:52 – Bad timing on that applause and continued speaking by Cindy. While she was describing the atrocities of what happened to the Rwanda woman, the audience was clapping for her being there. Ouch.

9:50 – It will be interesting to see if John McCain walks around more than Cindy. Though I suppose there are some restrictions with the teleprompters.

9:46 – REAGAN reference.

9:45 – “So how about that governor Sarah Palin?” We agree.

9:43 – Have to love the quotes FOX is scrolling along the bottom of the screen. Goldwater? Why yes, thank you.

9:43 – I’m liking this “town-hall” style speech. I think it’s going to work really well for John McCain. I think it personalizes the speaker moreso than simply standing at a podium does.

9:40 – Just a note. Cindy mentioned that Americans are the most charitable people. Indeed. Professor Arthur Brooks of Syracuse University did a study that showed that, though Conservatives make 6% less income on average, they give more than 30% of that income to charity. Just a note.

9:35 – Cindy McCain just took the stage. No podium for her as she stands with her family.

9:30 PM – I think we are about to get our feed back here in the room. The presentations are almost over. FOX News has a Cindy McCain video playing.

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