John McCain’s Speech

11:04 – Great ending from what he saw. Resounding applause, powerful words.

11:03 – We’re back and he’s still talking!

11:00 – Our feed died! UNC is out to get us …

10:57 – McCain learned the limits of his selfish independence in a prison cell in Vietnam. Obama learned the limits of his selfish indpendence after years of cocaine and marijuana use… yup…

10:56 – The speech is beginning to drag on …

10:51 – I love how the McCain campaign is, for lack of a better term, changing what the Obama campaign calls “change” into something more concrete.

10:49 – We have a feeling the speech is nearing its wrap-up stage.

10:49 – John McCain isn’t afraid of threats, he is prepared for them. Yes we can!

10:48 – Anyone remember any serious discussion of the Russian invasion of Georgia in Obama’s specch?

10:46 – Love the tacit implication that Obama is not a member of the group entitled “Americans.”

10:45 – Drill, Baby, Drill.

10:42 – Obligatory shot to children during education discussion. BTW – school choice is a winner.

10:41 – Love the line about Obama “wishing away the global economy.”

10:39 – I’d like to boo the booing.

10:35 – The CR loves his diatribe against corporate welfare.

10:33 – Swing state shout-outs. Like it.

10:32 – Love the shout-out to Petreus… noticeably lacking in Obama’s speech.

10:30 – Subtitle guy at FOX has some trouble. “Vito?” Someone should vito his spelling.

10:26 – Yes, Palin has all of that going for her … and she’s really hot. Just say it.

10:25 – Can there be too many “USA” chants?

10:24 – Handled the situation with that lady (… lady?) adeptly. Let the man speak, please.

10:22 – Let’s admit- McCain is, in a classical way, a very bad speaker. He emohasizes the wrong words, stumbles over others, and has no range to his voice. However, people listen to him, because he has a moral gravity forged by his harrowing experiences; it can’not be gained by any amount of practice. .

10:20 – I love McCain, but it’s “whom they intend to vore for,” not “who.”

10:20 – Calls from the CR staff for McCain’s mom to crowd surf.

10:19 – We thought there would be no podium, but alas we were wrong. He is at least at the end of the thrust, amongst the crowd, setting him apart from the other speakers.

10:18 – It looks like he’s standing in front of a green screen, but it’s another random picture and he happens to be in front of the grass.

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