A Graham of Speakers (9:00 PM – 9:30)

9:27 – Let me take a minute out from our momentarily paused coverage to give a shout-out for a great political website. Peter Robinsona and Rob Long run a site that aggragates conservative political commentary. You can access it here.

9:22 – We have lost our feed here for now while the CRs give a presentation. We got the shaft.

9:19 – I guess that McCain will look better by comparison.

9:18 – Love the unexplainanble images of the countryside behind Ridge.

9:15 – The subtitles really aren’t cutting it. Tom Ridge is speaking now.

9:11 – FOX News goes to commercial and the feed gets turned down here in the room. Hopefully nothing important happens for another good few minutes.

9:10 – The infamous Clinton finger wag makes an appearance. “WTF” = wagging the finger. That’s what we’re going to say.

9:07 – “It’s not that he doesn’t care; it’s that he doesn’t get it.” Nice flipping of the Obama line.

9:05 – We want a “Drill, Baby, Drill!” chant.

9:03 – Graham has quite the accent. “Benchmarks” are “beeenchmarks.”

9:01 PM – Lindsey Graham is speaking right now. We have the FOX News feed on so he will probably get cut off in mid-speech.

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