Let the Sunshine In (9:00 – 9:30 PM)

9:29 – Not much analysis to provide right now. There are constant gaps between speakers, and the speeches themselves are more of the same rhetoric. We want to see Keith Olbermann say something stupid, but we haven’t found anything … yet. Though it is interesting to add that we’ve seen “9/11 was an inside job” and “Maddow/Olbermann in 2012” signs in the crowd behind the MSNBC desk.

9:26 – Biden doesn’t use the “Bill Clinton thumb jab” when he speaks, making him perhaps the only Democrat who doesn’t employ this overused technique.

9:24 – Biden takes the stage … unnanounced according to the offical DNC website.

9:19 – It has been discussed before, but the stage that is in place at Invesco Field invokes images of ancient Greece. When the “Obamessiah” takes the stage, he should be wearing some sort of God-like robe.

9:14 – Michael McDonald provided a rendition of “America the Beautiful.” Anyone who saw 40 Year Old Virgin would find this mildly humorous.

9:00 PM EST – Some thoughts on the Al Gore speech right before the hour.
– “Let the Sunshine In” was his intro and outro song. How fitting.
– Gore’s speech was mostly forgettable, presenting the same Obama cathecism. The most interesting part of his speech was his equation of Obama to Abraham Lincoln. Really? Lincoln’s greatness came from his willingness and ability to make unimaginably difficult moral decisions. Obama thinks that any decision which has moral implications is above his pay grade (or, at least, he said so at the Saddleback Forum).
– Gore mentioned he didn’t want to “recycle” Bush’s policies of the last eight years. Oh, the puns.

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