Countdown to the Messiah (10:00 – 10:15 PM)

10:10 – Supporters of the Obama campaign keep hitting the points of “moving” and “inspiring” people. There is little talk about actual policy … which is supposedly what this forthcoming speech is supposed to clear up.

10:07 – The video has already started emphasizing the “workmanlike” themes. Hopefully the speech won’t be as trite, though.

10:02 The DNC video for Obama … images of the heartland, Obama with baby photos – the standard politcal images. The video sems to argue implicitly that self-actualization will lead to a superior presidency.

10:02 – Obama is pro-people, according to an interviewee on MSNBC. As opposed to John McCain being … anti-people?

10:01 – Another “no more Bush” and “turn the page” reference. You really didn’t have to watch a full hour to get the message. Just listen to one speaker.

10:00 – Durbin voted in favor of this war he is condemning. But what’s new?

10:00 PM – Sounds like Dick Durbin needs a glass of water.

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