Can we come up with endless punny song titles for our DNC DaNCeparty? Si Se Puede (9:30 – 10:00 PM)

9:56 – Anxiously awaiting Dick Durbin’s speech …

9:51 – There is some serious downtime before the 10:00 hour here. The dances sure are interesting though.

9:49 – Actually, his blurb was “Riverating” … just trying our hand at puns since the DNC seems to be all over those.

9:48 – Ray Rivera’s blurb was riveting. This must be the calm before the storm.

9:45 – C-SPAN is turning out to be the channel to watch. All the 24-hour news networks are busy over-analyzing during some of the speakers. And for the purpose of our blog, we want to hear the speakers since we are doing our own analysis. Olbermann’s insights have proven to be insufficient which is disappointing.

9:42 – Barney Smith leaves the stage to chants of “Barney! Barney!” No such treatment for Gore.

9:38 – A hyphenated last name, a thick country accent, and three words a minute? Yes – the speaker from Pittsboro did us proud …

9:36 – It seems like these blue-collar speakers are firing the crowd up more than any of the other speakers have thus far. The message has been the same, though – change, no “third” Bush term and the like.

9:34 – Three spanish speakers so far since around 8:00.

9:31 PM EST – Regarding the blue-collar speakers, Joe Biden said he would listen to these people everday. He says he is going to listen to them everday, but I hope he has professional advisors.

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