Barack Obama’s Acceptance Speech

10:58 – Fireworks and more country tunes. Still awaiting network reaction.

10:56 – The last five minutes were the best. But still, 2004 was better.

10:52 – “Change doesn’t comes from Washington; it comes to Washington.” His best line so far has been a pronoun switch.

10:52 – The election has never been about Obama? Really?

10:49 – The gay remark seemed to get one of the biggest cheers.

10:48 – A “U-S-A” chant turns into a weird “U-Yes-S-We-A-Can” hybrid chant.

10:47 – He’s repeated himself a few times this speech. Now he’s repeating his blue state-red state monolgue from 2004.

10:45 – “Last best hope?” Isn’t that a Reagan line?

10:38 – He’s explaining how he’s paying for all of it! This has got to be a first in the campaign season.

10:36 – Where is Obama getting all this money from to increase teacher salaries and fund schools?

10:34 – A crack about McCain’s 26 years in Congress? Did he read Biden’s resume?

10:33 – Obama says that in 10 years he will end our foreign dependence on oil. Drilling stance is still iffy.

10:32 – Finally getting to the meat.

10:31 – “Government cannot solve all our problems, but it can make it so all our problems are solved.”

10:29 – Still no substance …

10:27 – His 2004 speech was about how red and blue states need to unify. This speech has featured an Us vs. Them rant.

10:23 – Instead of focusing on the experience argument (because McCain would win that hands down), the Obama campaign is going after judgement. Biden questioned McCain’s judgement last night, and Obama is doing the same tonight.

10:21 – So far the speech hasn’t been that transcendent, nothing too noteworthy. The same people must be editing these speeches.

10:19 PM First jab at the Bush presidency.

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