3 thoughts on “The Nanny State

  1. James Heilpern Reply

    Personally, I think New York and the DTH aren’t going far enough. Ban trans fat? Sure its a step in the right direction, but wouldn’t it be far better if the government controlled everything we eat? I’m not sure if you realize this but there some people, fat people, who cook. Consequently, when they cook, they often cook unhealthily. I mean. . . we could have whole cities stand in lines to recieve government issue rations. Wouldn’t that be great? After all, it seemed to work in the 1930’s. I mean, come on, have you ever seen a photo of a fat person from the 1930’s?

  2. Dustin Ingalls Reply

    I think this is one area where it’d be more worth government’s and businesses’ while for the government to send out advisory opinions from the boards of health that trans fats should be replaced by natural oils if possible. And maybe pass some sort of tax credits for those who reduce or eliminate their use. Banning them altogether is a little intrusive, even though it is easy and not much more expensive if any more expensive at all to use vegetable oil and other oils.

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