Thank You Congresswoman

UNC hosted its “Politics of Inclusion” conference on higher education Sept. 10-13. The campus Web site is here.

This may not be timely, but I just read something about it that’s pretty interesting.

As can be expected, the conference was a very biased, elitist event. Read here. No one with a differing view was invited…except for one: Congresswoman Virginia Foxx.

She “was asked to participate in a panel discussion on the role of the federal government in assisting poorer families to get their children into college. She surprised the assembly by stating that under the U.S. Constitution, the federal government has no role to play in education at all. Later she told the organizers of the conference that it would have been better to have been more inclusive themselves by inviting more people who don’t accept the establishment views on higher education.”

Way to go representative Foxx. Here’s a holla to my district, District 5.

One thought on “Thank You Congresswoman

  1. Dustin Ingalls Reply

    She’s a joke. She was one of 11, including Wampler’s hero, Ron Paul, to vote against reconstruction funding for Katrina victim. She might have some slightly valid argument for opposing it because of some particular part of the bill (and, really, I didn’t like that they gave people carte blanch credit cards to do with as they wished), but certainly it is the federal government’s responsibility to rebuild the levees and help rebuild New Orleans (and therefore also provide some sort of retribution to victims who are displaced in the time being) since it was largely FEMA that fucked up the preparation for and response to the disaster.

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