Keeping ’em Honest

On Monday Elizabeth Freeman, a former member of student congress, strongly criticized James Allred and Luke Farley. You can read the column here.

“The two polar opposites do have one commonality – Power,” she writes. “That could, in the upcoming year, place the student body’s well-being towards the bottom of Allred’s and Farley’s political agendas.”

The following day, Luke and Dustin Ingalls tried to put concerns about student congress to rest. You read their letter here.

But it was Kris Wampler’s response today that really destroyed the credibility of Freeman’s accusatory column. You can read it here. Here’s an excerpt:

Former Rep. Elizabeth Freeman, with whom I served on Student Congress, is critical of campus leaders for failing to work harder for the student body.

Yet, in all my time in Congress, I never witnessed Ms. Freeman to be a particularly active member of that body. In fact, in her resignation letter from earlier this year, Freeman stated, “I apologize for my irresponsible lack of attendance lately at student congress meetings, committee meetings, and general events.” Her resignation came just before Annual Budget – the time of year when Student Congress allocates hundreds of thousands of dollars in fee money for the coming year.

Considering Mr. Freeman’s “concern” for the manner in which such money is doled out, it seems odd that she cut and run just before the most significant allocation of funding all year.

Meanwhile, real leaders like Luke Farley are working hard, every day, for students.

I would like to say, “You got served Ms. Freeman,” but that’s not really part of Carolina Review parlance. However, I will say that when Kris gets too busy at law school to pay attention to UNC politics, I will miss his brand of candor.

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