COFO will now be part of CR parlance

I just became aware of a great term thanks to Tyler Yount’s blog. It’s COFO, or Conservative On Facebook Only. I like this term for two reasons. COFO’s annoy me and Facebook annoys me. So, COFO will now be an accepted part of CR parlance. Fitz, add it to the style guide.

4 thoughts on “COFO will now be part of CR parlance

  1. David Hodges Reply

    what about those of us listed as “Other”? hehe

  2. Brian Reply

    “Other”s don’t annoy me as much as COFO’s. But if “other”s come up in an article next year, maybe we’ll try to invent a funny name.

  3. Brian Reply

    David, maybe you can write about being an “other” on Facebook for us on the blog.

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