John Edwards: “Flavor of the month”

The Charlotte Observer reports:

The buzz among callers to Monday’s “Talk of Iowa — Dr. Politics” radio program was Sunday’s Des Moines Register Poll, and its surprise first-place showing for Democrat John Edwards…Edwards, who turned 53 over the weekend, continued a swing through the state by campaigning Monday for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chet Culver in Iowa City. It was Edwards’ fifth visit of the year, and ninth since leaving the Senate in 2005.

How is it that Edwards came upon this good fortune?

According to Charlie Cook, editor of the Washington-based Cook Political Report:

That’s one of the advantages of not having a job — that you can give Iowa the TLC, you know, the special attention they need.

Edwards has been giving a lot of TLC. He’s been giving it to Iowans and other states that are coincidentally at the top of the primary list. Maybe this $40,000/year job is not really about poverty, but rather it is about political TLC.

Cook adds:

“The last three to four months, (former Virginia Gov.) Mark Warner has been the flavor of the month,” he said. “Before that it was (Sen.) Evan Bayh (of Indiana). Edwards has had a real challenge to stay relevant. He needed a boost. And this was a good boost.”

Way to go Mr. Vice-Pres..I mean Senator Ed…I mean Mr. Director of the Center on Poverty at UN…Well, whatever you are, congratulations. Enjoy being the flavor of the month. Whether you lose in the primary or in November, you’ll have a place at UNC. (Well not really, since few people have ever seen you there, but you get the point.)

4 thoughts on “John Edwards: “Flavor of the month”

  1. Taylor Stanford Reply

    well we know that he’s going to be at the press club on the 22…way to fight poverty Mr. Edwards.

  2. Dustin Ingalls Reply

    He does have an office at the law school last time I checked.

  3. Brian Reply

    The UNC directory does not have a room number listed for him. Of course the two staffers for the Center for Poverty, Work and Opportunity have an office, but last year when the center was first getting started, Edwards did not have an office. The desk he was sitting at for the photo op. when the UNC was really pushing the center was actually a conference room in the Law School. Things may have changed since then. I’ll have to look into it. Thank you for checking my accuracy.

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