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If you are unaware, Boiling Point is UNC’s “progressive” student magazine. (Progressive is codeword for Leftist) I normally pick up a copy of their latest issue to see what they’re saying. Usually, they have little to say about campus, so I don’t read much of the articles, but I just picked up their summer edition and got the urge to read the issue in its entirety. Rather than counter everything in the issue with which I disagree, I would like to simply highlight the most interesting excerpts from each article. It offers a glimpse of the dominant thinking at UNC.

1. “from glasgow to nairobi” by Aaron Charlop-Powlers

So a question that resounds with each of us: Where does UNC stand when it comes to the acceptance of LGBTQ persons? Are some of those same men who think that homosexuality is a sin sitting next to you in class?

Charlop-Powlers poses this question to imply that those who think sexuality is a sin commit violent hate crimes. This is pretty bogus. As a Christian, I believe there are many sins, such as drunkenness, fornication, cursing the Lord, etc. This does not mean that I am violent towards or even judgmental towards the drunk or fornicator.

Carolina is not high school, it is time to begin thinking for yourself, critically, and realize that whatever the Bible might say, whatever your ignorance has allowed you to believe up to that point, is insufficient.

So, basically, those who view the homosexual act as sinful are ignorant, and the Bible is “insufficient.” I guess this means that modernity and secularism are sufficient.

2. “pro-life nation: why we need roe v. wade” by Nora Anderson

Anderson posits that the overturning of roe v. wade is imminent. I wish I could be so optimistic (It’s pessimism in her case). But I’m not.

…of the 46 million abortions performed on women each year…

Okay, if you can write that phrase and still be pro-abortion, it’s kind of hard to argue.

Unsafe self-induced abortions and resulting deaths have been reported in the US even in the age of legalized abortion.

This statement is not that interesting in and of itself. It is made often by the Left. What is interesting is that it goes unsupported in the article. There is not even one example. You can find an example of anything if you try hard enough and here, when the author is trying to make an argument, there is not even an example to back up her assertion.

3. “truths and myths of Muslim culture” by Stephanie Novak

As far as the association of Islam and terrorism goes–there is no valid substance to the charge.

How about the WTC bombing in ’93, the attacks on US embassies in ’98, the hijacking and crashing of airplanes into the WTC and Pentagon in ’01, the Taliban in Afghanistan, insurgents in Iraq, the terrorist camps in Pakistan, the suicide bombers in Israel? No substance. Right.

4. “intenta pasar un dia sin ingles” by Alex Collins

Basically, not all Latino immigrants speak English. And not all Americans speak Spanish. Nothing outlandish here.

5. “breaking the binary: questioning gender dichotomies” by Robin Macklin

While Hollywood spend the last year rolling out films about diversity, identity, and acceptance, UNC has mostly remained in the 1950’s mentality.

Students at UNC can minor in sexuality studies. The DTH prints photos from the annual LGBTQ kiss-in. The LGBTQ drag show sells out every year. These things were definitely not visible in episodes of “I love Lucy.”

Gender is a social construction; sex is biological, and the two have little to do with one another.


I was delighted to see some articles that talk about UNC in this edition, but I was disappointed in how unoriginal they were. Two articles calling for the “education” of “homophobic” Christians. An article claiming that women will die at the hand of a conservative supreme court. Another reminding us that immigrants have a difficult time communicating. And finally, an article claiming that those who are willing to acknowledge the fact that most terrorists are Muslim think that all Muslims are terrorists. I feel like I’ve heard it all before and I’m still not swayed.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the “progressive” magazine

  1. David Hodges Reply

    good analysis brian. the one that blows my mind is:”Carolina is not high school, it is time to begin thinking for yourself, critically, and realize that whatever the Bible might say, whatever your ignorance has allowed you to believe up to that point, is insufficient.”there are a lot of ways to come at the Bible, some more favorable than others, but that was just a pathetic cheap shot that had nothing significant to say whatsoever. i dont have acrobat reader on this comp, so i cant go look up the article to see the context. the gender is social and sex is biological argument also seems pretty bogus to me. anybody who’s spent any amount of time on this planet engaged with other people can tell you that there are fundamental differences in how men and women think, act and feel. granted, the error of generations before was to think that this somehow made one sex superior to the other. it doesn’t. it just means we’re different. now, to make a blanket statement and say ALL these differences are socially engineered discounts the fact that biologically, the chemicals and hormones in men’s and women’s brains are set at different levels. not to mention the obvious physiological differences. anyone who professes to know with absolute certainty, one way or the other, what determines how and why men and women are either different or the same, ought to be distrusted immensely. (because, if socialization was everything, from whence did the feminist movement begin?–they would have never been able to begin the process of breaking out of the “cycle of oppression” if everything about their gender role was predetermined by societal power structures)

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